97 Stocking Stuffers for Teens or Tweens

I love Christmas!  I don’t love trying to fill everyone’s stockings without spending a fortune.  It seems like the younger your boys and girls are the easier it is to find inexpensive items that they will enjoy.  By the time they head into the Tween and Teen years it starts to get downright expensive.  A few plastic items from your local dollar store just aren’t going to cut it anymore.

Not to worry!  With the help of my friends over on Facebook I created a list of 97 items that would make great stocking stuffers for the teens and tweens, male and female, in your life.

Stocking Stuffers for Teenagers

  1. Post-It Notes
  2. iTunes Giftcards
  3. Giftcard to favorite store (like Amazon.com , Toy R Us,GameStop , etc)
  4. Snack sized junkfood/jerky
  5. Cash
  6. Duck Tape
  7. Sharpies
  8. Gum/breath mints
  9. Candy
  10. Movie tickets
  11. Items for a favorite sports team (pens, hats, etc)
  12. Unusual food items (Hot Chili Lollipops, Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans etc)
  13. Male grooming items (razors, shaving cream, cologne, hair gel)
  14. Female beauty items (creams/lotions, makeup remover, perfume, hair product, makeup)
  15. Items with school logo or colors
  16. Costume jewelry
  17. Gloves (they make cheap Touch Screen Glovesnow!)
  18. Nail polish
  19. Hairbrush and/or comb
  20. Fun scented shampoo
  21. Pocket sized lotions and hand sanitizer
  22. Lip balm
  23. Ear Buds/earphones
  24. Toothbrush
  25. Key ring
  26. Themed items based on extracurricular activities (ie swim cap for swimmer, cue chalk for pool player, guitar strings for musician etc)
  27. Starbucks Gift Card
  28. Art supplies
  29. Collectible coins
  30. Travel sized games
  31. Video Games
  32. Electric toothbrush
  33. Fuzzy Socks
  34. Slippers
  35. Rechargeable Batteries and Charger
  36. Teen magazines / hobby related magazines
  37. Christmas ornament
  38. Mini Journal or sketchbook
  39. Lottery tickets (scratch off)
  40. Book Light
  41. Headlamp
  42. CDs
  43. Case for MP3/Phone/gaming system/tablet, screen cover etc
  44. Sunglasses
  45. Books
  46. Water bottle
  47. Travel Coffee Mug
  48. travel toothpaste
  49. Game controller (for xbox, PS3, Wii etc)
  50. Bubble bath/bath oil/bath bombs
  51. Antiperspirant
  52. Silver Dollar
  53. Flashlight
  54. Pocket knife or Multi Tool
  55. Roll of quarters (for college kids who use a laundromat)
  56. Pens and Pencils
  57. Travel Sewing Kit
  58. Eyeglass Repair Kit
  59. Travel tissues
  60. Bandana
  61. Scarf (fashion or cold weather)
  62. Nail clippers/tweezers/nail files
  63. Spare phone charger
  64. Gasoline gift card
  65. Hair bands/headbands/barrettes
  66. Necktie (hey-even teen boys sometimes need to dress up)
  67. Car air freshener
  68. USB Flash Drive
  69. Camera memory card
  70. Portable MP3 Speaker
  71. Highlighters
  72. Earwarmers (I’ve seen some with built in speakers for your MP3)
  73. Deck of Cards
  74. Fun office supplies (cool thumb tacks, paper clips etc)
  75. Cell phone emergency battery pack
  76. Watch
  77. Travel alarm clock
  78. Wallet/change purse
  79. Hackey Sack, Yo-Yo, Silly Putty or Rubix Cube
  80. Belt
  81. Command Hooks
  82. Thank You Cards
  83. Postage stamps
  84. Loofa sponge or bath pouf
  85. Umbrella
  86. Lint brush/roller
  87. Gourmet hot cocoa, tea, or coffee
  88. Silly Erasers
  89. USB Hub
  90. Mouse Pad
  91. Scissors
  92. Glowsticks
  93. Book covers (those stretchy ones)
  94. Measuring Tape
  95. Magnets
  96. Dental Floss
  97. Calculator

Feel free to add more ideas in the comments!


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  1. kelliinkc says

    I just did most of the stocking stuffer shopping. I have done items 2, 4, 8, 9, 13, 14, 23, 30, 35, 65, 67, 68, this year.

    I also picked up a large package of those Wisp on the go toothbrushes to divide among three stockings. My two daughters are always stealing, er, I mean “borrowing” and never returning, my Suave Dry Shampoo so I got them each a can of their own. Then I was in Disney and saw some game dice that used Mickey heads for the number of dots on each face and that is getting thrown in as well.

    I have done several more of the items on your list in years past. It can get pricey for sure! I try to get their favorite Christmas candies and then practical items as well.

  2. Josh says

    I usually buy my cousins their favorite candy, maybe some cookies in a bag some taffy a couple of bucks and a cheep toy from the dollar tree.

    Our dog also gets a stocking filled with bones, toys and the occasional tennis ball.

    One year I bought my youngest cousin plastic farm animals from Walgreens, I bought her brothers a bag of marbles and the other one a deck of cards

  3. Eli Carlson says

    I loved so many of the items on the list that I’ve actually used this template and even added a few along the way which were hits ! Small address books work great, small composition books for private notes are perfect, so are book marks ( either homemade or store bought ). Small packs of tissue are great thimgs to give, plus we always try to give a fruit from the Biblical period we had last learnen about with the kiddo :)

  4. Marcy says

    Just found your list. What a great resource! Thank you so much for compiling it. It will help me a lot with some new to the family kids!


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