Cookies for the Holidays

I love making cookies around the holiday!  It’s festive, the kids can get involved, they can be used as a snack or as a gift. . . well, what’s not to love?

This year, like last year, I’m hosting a “Low Stress Cookie Swap” party.

Didn't the table look pretty?

These cookie exchange parties are great-everyone bakes a huge batch of their favorite recipe and then we all mix and match. . .you get a variety for a fraction of the work!

I love to give my dear sweet Mother in Law my homemade Biscotti at Christmas:

And of course I love making homemade no chill gingerbread cookies with the kiddos:

You could make something simple like my Thumbprint Cookie recipe or you could get very fancy and do White Chocolate Dipped Oreos.

White Chocolate dipped Sandwich cookies

Don't these look insanely good?

And then there are the decadent, simple and ever popular Oreo Cookie Truffles!

Photo by JillOW

What are your favorite cookies to make at the holidays?

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  1. Lora says

    My favorite cookies to eat are cream cheese cookies made with a spritz/cookie press. However, I don’t have the equipment needed for making those so my favorites to make are snickerdoodles and gingerbread cookies. I almost always have all the ingredients I need to make them on hand so I can whip them up on short notice.

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