DIY Easter Basket Decoration

It’s time for the Easter Walmart DIY Challenge!  Now this year they were pretty specific and gave us a couple of crafts from the Kids Crafts website that we could choose from.  I decided to do the Mini Wooden Easter Basket.  Of course you know me-I can’t just do a craft the way it’s written, I need to do my own unique twist on it!

So I decided to do a much larger wooden glittered Easter Basket to use as a decoration on my mantel!

Isn’t it cute?  So how did I make it? Well I’m glad you asked!

Walmart Craft tutorial Easter Basket

DIY Glittered Wooden Easter Basket


Jumbo Craft Sticks
Fuzzy Sticks
All purpose glue
8″ nursery pot


Optional 1st step: Paint your pot using spray paint.  I didn’t do this but if i had painted the pot a lighter color I think the gaps would have looked nicer.

1.  Glue craft sticks all around your pot.  Since your pot is larger at the top than the bottom they will not fit exactly-there will be little gaps.  Just try to space them evenly.  I found that the sticks really only touched the pot at the very top and the very bottom, so I only applied glue in those spots.

Walmart Craft tutorial Easter Basket

2.  Let dry.  Seriously-you want these sticks to be glued solid when you start attaching the glitter!

3.  Prepare your glitter.  I realized right away that I wouldn’t have enough of any one glitter to cover the whole pot.  I mixed together the pink, purple, green, yellow and the white and got a predominantly pink glitter.  If you were buying a larger jar of a single color you could skip this step–although you may still want to put it in a larger container or a disposable cup to make it easier to apply.Walmart Craft tutorial Easter Basket4.  Prepare your glue.  Rather than using full stregnth glue to coat the basket with I thinned it out with some water.

5. Prepare your work surface.  You are going to have a lot of glitter everywhere.  I used a tray with a raised edge on it to contain the glitter and I lined it with a catalog from the recycle bin to make pouring the glitter back into the container easy.  You could also use a large cookie sheet.

6. Apply thinned glue to a section of the basket.  Make sure to cover the sticks well.

Walmart Craft tutorial Easter Basket6. Working over prepared area, pour glitter heavily on the glued coated sticks.

Walmart Craft tutorial Easter Basket

7.  Shake off excess glitter.

Walmart Craft tutorial Easter Basket8.  Continue around the basket until all the sticks are coated.

Walmart Craft tutorial Easter Basket9.  As needed pick up the paper and pour the glitter back into your container to be used again.

10.  Let glitter dry.

10. Attach Fuzzy Sticks. Twist together 2 Fuzzy sticks and wrap around the bottom of the basket, twisting the ends together to secure..  Wrap together 2 more fuzzy sticks and wrap around the top.  Cut off any ends.  Twist 3 fuzzy sticks together for the handle attach to the inside of the basket using strong tape or glue.


Check out the original mini versions done by Liz at Hoosier HomemadeCaryn at Rockin Mama and Melissa at Consumer Queen.  how do you think my version measures up??

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****This is a sponsored post****
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post I am participating in with the Walmart Moms. Walmart has provided me with compensation for this post. My participation is voluntary and opinions, as always are my own.
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  1. Lora says

    Your version is pretty. I’d be more likely to have kids do a painted version such as Rockin Mama’s because glitter seems to evade clean-up around here. Another blog that I follow describes how to make yarny grass that might work well with this project:

    BTW, the link for Consumer Queen’s site is going to Rockin Mama’s site.

    • says

      Lora-Yes, the painted version is MUCH easier with the kiddos-the glitter is messy (but I love the end result).

      And thanks for pointing out the linking error-that’s what happens when you are writing too late in the day! I’ve fixed it now, thanks to you!

  2. says

    I LOVE yours! Ours are truly representative of what the kids did…I tried to only do what I had to…I wanted it to be their own so they’re not perfect….I think you did a fantastic job. : )


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