DIY Glitter Nailpolish

I decided to try making my own glitter nail polish in gold and green for St. Patrick’s Day!

This is a very easy and inexpensive project.  Although I made these polishes for St. Patricks Day you could any color or combination.  I’m thinking red and blue for the 4th of July.  Also making them in your favorite team or school colors would be fun as well!

The materials are simple-you should be able to get everything for just a couple of dollars:

Clear Nail Polish

You can pick up glitter extremely inexpensively in lots of places.  I’ve seen it at the dollar store, Walmart, Micheal’s-anywhere that sell crafting supplies they usually have glitter.  I particularly like the look of the extra fine glitter, but I assume this would work with any kind.

As for the Nailpolish-there is always those inexpensive brands where you can buy a bottle for a dollar, like Wet ‘n Wild or Petites.

Open up your nail polish and pour a bit out into the trash to give yourself some room.

Now simply add as much glitter as you can fit into the bottle.  More is better!  My glitter came with this cute funnel-but since I didn’t start off the first time pouring some of the nail polish out the bottom of the funnel went into the wet nail polish and the glitter immediately clogged everything up.  I found that the best method was just to try to pour it in as best you could-but do the whole deal over a piece of paper so you can contain (and reusue) the glitter that misses.

At first it isn’t going to look like much.

Keep adding glitter–really-you want to get as much as possible in there.

This is what it will look like if you don’t put enough glitter in.  Lame!  So really fill it up.

That’s it!  Once you are done getting the glitter in just paint away!  I think a two slightly thinner coats came out looking best.

The glitter will settle in the polish bottle as it sits there (unless you really use a lot of glitter) I found that mine would up being about half full of glitter than clear polish on the top.  Make sure you shake very well before you use it each time to get the glitter suspended in the liquid and you won’t have any problem!

The most difficult part I’ve found with making glitter nailpolish is getting the dang stuff OFF. Well, not off the tips of my nails-it seems like even with a professional manicure the tips of my nails are bare within a couple of days. But the rest of the nail? That glitter REALLY sticks. So I’m glad I found a simple tutorial for “How to Remove Glitter Nailpolish” on Bella Sugar.

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  1. says

    Fun idea!

    If you don’t have a funnel, you could probably use a wide-mouthed pastry bag tip. And to help with mixing the glitter and polish together before use, I would suggest adding a couple small, metal bb’s or beads to the bottle (just like there are in most colored polishes).


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