Easy Children’s Christmas Craft: Paperclip Angels

by Jenn @ Frugal Upstate on November 29, 2008

Need a quick and easy craft for your kids to make for teachers, bus drivers and friends? How about angel necklaces?

This idea comes courtesy of my good friend Cherie, and has to be one of the easiest and cutest gift projects for little kids to make. It only takes a few minutes, the kids can help, and buying enough supplies to make a whole bunch only costs a few dollars.

Paperclip Angels


Special Paperclips (don’t know the name but they come in a box of like 30 or something)
Sliver Pony Beads
Silver Disk Beads (preferably with fluted or beaded edges)

Take the ribbon and tie in a loop. Thread a disk and then a pony bead onto the ribbon and push up to the knot. Loop the ribbon through the clip and then through itself (see picture) slip both beads back down to sit flush with the clip.

Tada, you are done.

What other quick and easy holiday crafts for kids do you do?

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