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I like to knit. There is something soothing and sort of Zen about the clicking of needles and knowing that you are spending that time making something that is (hopefully) useful. Personally I prefer fairly mindless knitting. Something I can sort of do on autopilot without having to think to hard about it-so I’ve made a lot of scarves and afghans and such. I’m branching out into washcloths and the occasional sweater or shrug.

Currently I am working on a project for my sister’s birthday. I can’t mention exactly what it is here, since she might check in, but I’ll post pictures and discuss it after she gets it.

Since there is nothing more frugal than free, here are some free knitting pattern sites I’ve found: has a lot of patterns, both with and without photos.
Knitting pattern central has TONS
Crystal palace yarns
Dawn’s Dream Designs has a few, there is a tutorial at the bottom for making your own wooden knitting needles
Mary McLean has some very interesting unusual patterns
The Knitting Fiend has pattern generators-you fill in all the variables for size, yarn gauge etc and it gives you a custom fit design-for free. How cool are people???
A site about knitting/crocheting prayer shawls along with some patterns
Bev’s Country Cottage also has tons of patterns, including a lot for charities (seems like another cool lady!)
Dishcloth Boutique has tons of dishclothes, like pages and pages of them to include a really neat little thing where you get a preview of the pattern in the middle of the page when you scroll over the link for the pattern.
Knitting Nonsense also has tons of washcloths, to include ones with all 50 states in the US, the UK, New Zealand, Austrailia etc, and all of the letters of the alphabet as well as baby feet, animals etc etc etc. . . .


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  1. Anonymous says

    My Dh’s niece knits. Thanks for posting the list of links. I’ll have to direct her to this site so she can check out the links.

    Kay D.

  2. York Staters says

    can’t go wrong with, and one of my favorite knitblogs,, has a number of patterns as well. and for cheap but good quality yarn, is a great resource. just thought i’d add to the list!

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