Homemade, Inexpensive Peony Supports.

by Jenn @ Frugal Upstate on June 11, 2008

Peonies are a great perennial flower to plant in your yard. They are low maintenance, returning year after year to give you huge showy, sometimes fragrant flowers. A single flower in a vase can make a stunning statement.

However, if you have ever had a peony bush, you know they need supports. The blossoms are so large that they will literally bend the stalks over until the flowers touch the ground.

Not a good look.*

The fix for this is to give the plant some additional support. Back in the old days industrious gardeners would drive stakes into the ground, then wrap them around several times with garden twine, tying on to each stake each time around.

Today’s gardener has much easier options. Most large home and garden centers, as well as online retailers, sell metal flower supports. The two most popular are the grow through supports and the plain circular ones.

Now you all know that I’m a die hard frugalite. I hate to spend money on something I can make myself. So when we moved this year and inherited 4 peony bushes as foundation plantings, I decided to try my hand at making my own.

Homemade Peony Supports

Materials: 3 wire hangers, wire cutters, Pliers


#1-Take a hanger and bend it into a circle. You probably could mess around and take the hook part off-I just bent it down out of the way.

#2-Cut your other two hangers in half. I cut them in the middle of the long straight part and then up by the hook part. For my particular hangers I was able to actually “unwind” the wire up at the hook.

#3-Use pliers to unbend the wire into long, mostly straight pieces. I left the hook in place on the top for the next step.

#4-Use pliers to bend the very end of each straight piece into a hook (or make the hook already there smaller). Hook this over the “circle” then use the pliers to keep bending it until the “hook” becomes a loop. The “leg” should now be attached to the “circle” with a small loop. Repeat with each straight piece.

Bent over the circle
Completed. Note lovely assistant.

#5-Gently place circle of the support around the peony bush. Slide the “legs” around the circle so that they are roughly equally placed, then push them down into the ground to hold up your support.

Around peony. Very unobtrusive.

TADA! Now we’ll just have to see how well they hold up the plant once it blooms.

*Note: (see the third image down on this page for an example of supported and unsupported)

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