Inexpensive DIY Autograph Books for Disney

by Jenn @ Frugal Upstate on March 5, 2010

Well the family is heading to Disney in a few short weeks!  The kids are so excited they can barely stand it.

I remember going to Disney as a child with my family-it was such a fairytale place.  I have great memories & hope our children have ones just as incredible.

One of the things that I had enjoyed, but totally forgot about, was the thrill of getting autographs from all the costumed characters.  I want my children to be able to have that fun to-after all, a signature is a lovely free souvenir! You all know that is my favorite price.

But where do you find an autograph book these days? I know they sell them at the park-but I can just imagine the cost.  So I set out to make my own.

The hardest part of this project was figuring out what to use for the base of the book.  Unlined books that don’t cost a fortune are not that easy to find you know.  Small photo albums all have those plastic pockets-and I didn’t want the trouble of having folks sign sheets and then slipping them in.

I literally hit 3 different craft stores on errand day before I came up with the answer-a small sized drawing pad!  But the cover was pretty lame-so I decided to cover it with scrapbooking paper.  Of course that still needed some pizzaz-so I let each child pick out a single sheet of really nice scrapbooking stickers.

Total cost per autograph book? about $6.  And as a bonus, we are only going to have the characters sign the right side and leave the left side open for photos & scrapbooking.

Here is the tutorial.

First you gather your supplies.

Here is the drawing pad, paper & stickers. The only other supply? A glue stick

Then I laid the cover of the drawing pad on the paper & traced.

I just traced around. Make sure to leave room for your binding.

All cut out-and plenty of paper left for other projects.

Then you glue the paper to the cover of the book.  Use plenty of glue-this is not a time to be stingy.

Doesn't that look nice?

Then the kids went to town with the stickers.  If you wanted to make this project more inexpensive you could cover with plain white paper & let them draw.  You could print out a picture on your printer, or you could skip the stickers and just get a Disney themed paper to begin with.  My kids just gave me such puppy dog eyes when we were faced with that wall of gorgeous stickers in the scrap booking aisles that I couldn’t resist. . . they both picked 3D styles.

Here you see Princess decorating her gold, sparkly covered book with some stickers.

And yes, that is more scrapbook paper behind it.  I caved and spent another $.98 for her to have the second piece.

So there you go, a frugal autograph book that was a fun project for the kids in and of itself.  They will be carried around the park in large zippered baggies (in case it rains) with a couple of Sharpie style markers so we can accost the characters wherever we see them.  I intend to snap a picture of  them with the characters to go with the signatures.

Buddy is very pleased with his creation!

There you have it, a simple quick and easy autograph book!

Do any of you have any great ideas for us for Disney?

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