Mending: Replace a Missing Hook and Eye

I hate it when a hook and eye comes out on a piece of clothing.  I never seem to notice it until I’m trying to put it on and get out the door for church or something similar.

Mending -- How to replace a missing hook and eye

Luckily fixing a hook and eye is pretty simple and I always keep a bunch of spares on hand.  They are very inexpensive, so pick up a few next time you are at the store!  I’m actually considering adding several to shirts I have that have that annoying gaping button issue–but that is another blog post.

Here you can see a skirt of mine where the hook came off completely.  Since there is nothing else holding the zipper closed at the top this is a problem–as I move the zipper keeps coming undone.  So it was time to sew on a new one.

Replacing a missing hook on clothing 1

Here are my materials.  Good all purpose thread (you really should have some in white and black in your sewing/mending  kit), some hooks and eyes, needles, a seam ripper and scissors

Replacing a missing hook on clothing 3

First use the seam ripper and remove the leftover stitching from the previous hook and eye (obviously skip this step if you are adding a fastener to something that has never had one before).

Replacing a missing hook on clothing 4

Now I’m not a professional seamstress, so someone out there will probably shake their head at my unprofessional technique–but I’m just going to show you how I do this repair.

First I went ahead and threaded my needle and put a knot in it.  The next thing I needed to do was figure out where to place the hook.  I wasn’t sure that it was exactly the same size as the previous one so I didn’t just want to line it up with where the holes in the fabric were from the old stitching.  Instead, since the “eye” or loop part was fine I simply put my new hook through it and then held the zipper together to see where it would fall on the other side.

Replacing a missing hook on clothing 5

I carefully held that down with one hand and prepared to sew.  There just isn’t really a good way to pin this down. . .

Replacing a missing hook on clothing 7Once I could see where it was placed I took a small stitch in the fabric without trying to go through the hook at all–just to anchor my thread (I’ve moved things aside in this picture so you can see).

Replacing a missing hook on clothing 8

Then I just started taking a few small stitches around the metal loops on the hook to secure it down.

Replacing a missing hook on clothing 9I did about 4 or 5 stitches in each of the loops.

Replacing a missing hook on clothing 10Then I took a small stitch just through the fabric and used that as the stitch to tie my knot off of–there is a video showing how to do that at the bottom of the post.

Replacing a missing hook on clothing 11

And finally I just trimmed off the excess thread.

Replacing a missing hook on clothing 14

Viola!  a hook and eye!  (this is showing you the inside of the waistband of course)

Replacing a missing hook on clothing 15

So simple eh?

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