Quick Tip: Make a Mending Kit

Do you have a mending kit?


It’s always such a pain to dig out the sewing supplies when something needs to be mended. So several years back I created this little mending kit. I keep it in the place where I am most likely to be standing when I notice buttons that have popped off or seams that are unraveling–the laundry room.

I started witha cute (and cheap!) pencil case from the thrift store. Inside is:

A thimble
A small pair of scissors
A seam ripper
A spool each of white and black button thread (ie extra strong)
Small spools of white, tan and black thread
Safety pins
A tiny ziplock bag with a variety of plain buttons in standard sizes
A button card with several sizes of needles and several pins stuck through
Double sided no-sew hem tape
Sewers bees wax (to keep the thread from tangling)


It’s easy to pick up a little sewing kit at the dollar store and then fill it in with some higher quality threads, add some buttons and viola! Mending kit!

Now when I have mending it’s easy to grab my kit in the evening when I’m watching tv and fix things up in a flash! Or, like today when I’m volunteering at the food pantry, I can grab it and take it with me easily!

So-do you do mending? Do you have a kit?

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