Tutorial: Easy, Elegant and Professional Cupcake Decorating

by Jenn @ Frugal Upstate on May 19, 2010

It is very trendy right now to serve cupcakes instead of a full sized cake.  There are entire blogs, books and even bakeries dedicated to cupcake design. Some brides are even opting for wedding cupcakes instead of a cake.

One of my new favorite frugal tools is my Wilton Cupcake Decorating kit (no-they are not sponsoring me, paying me, an affiliates or anything else. . .I just like it).  Using this kit I can easily make a very professional and elegant looking cupcake.  I bought the kit, which includes 3 tips, a special “cupcake filling” tip & some bags for about $9 – and in just one birthday party it will save me more than that compared to store bought cupcakes.

Just look at the cupcakes I made for Princess’s birthday party this year:

Professional looking homemade cupcakes

Don't these look professional?

Pretty impressive right?  And very, very easy to do with my decorating kit.  So what is so fabulous about this kit?  The tips!  As a matter of fact I could have saved myself some money if I had just bought the 1M frosting tip and the round 12 frosting tips by themselves at about $1.50 each.

All you need to do is start with some inexpensive box mix cupcakes, a batch of my frugal homemade icing recipe and your 1M tip in an icing bag.

1M Frosting Piping Tip

The fabulous 1M piping tip all ready to go

Preparing to ice cupcakes

My homemade cupcakes start out looking a tad bit homely.

It doesn’t start out looking like much does it?  Don’t worry-I’m not going to let you down.  All you have to do is pick up the cupcake and start icing in a swirl from the outside edge in.

Starting to Frost with a 1M tip

You just start piping on the swirl with the 1M tip on the outside of the cupcake. . .

It is much easier to hold the cupcake up at a tiny bit of an angle and then swirl the bag around as you go.

Frosting the cupcakes

Continuing to frost aroud & around

When you get to the center you just do a “push down & then lift” sort of movement to give yourself that cute little peak.

Don't these look gorgeous? Who will know they aren't from the bakery?!

Alternately you can use the 12 round tip with the same technique for a smooth swirl:

Photo by Little Miss Cupcake Paris

Think of all the money you could save over the years bringing your own cupcakes to parties, events, potlucks and bake sales!

I also used the 1M tip to pipe a quick star onto some “mini muffin” sized cupcakes I had made for us to snack on at home.

Aren't these cute?

And that isn’t all you can do with this tip.  Use it to make beautiful twice baked potatoes, or to pipe soft cheese or spreads onto crackers to make an elegant looking hors devours for parties.

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