Use What You Have-Recycling Water Bottles

by Jenn @ Frugal Upstate on March 11, 2008

Browsing around on “Groovy Green” this morning I found links to a couple of neat ideas for using those ubiquitous single serving water bottles. I personally don’t buy them often, and hate the fact that they don’t have a deposit in the state of NY. Sigh.

Here is a neat instructable for making a self watering seed starter/planter out of a water bottle. Of course, you could probably do something similar out of a 2 liter type bottle, covering the exterior somehow. . . *

There is a photo of a plastic waterbottle cover made out of felt that turns it into a vase. This looks like it would be pretty easy to make-but you might have to weight down the water bottle with some gravel or something for stability. has a long list of ideas for recycling water bottles-including one for using a bottle to keep your yarn from tangling that caught my eye:

Hope you enjoy browsing around!

*hmmm-notice all that neat stuff listed in the sidebar under “related ideas”. . . “colander hydrophonics”, “easy cheap earthbox”, “how to save water in the garden”. . . I could spend a lot of time around here.

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