Frugal Beauty: The Frugal Moisturizer Experiment

by Jenn @ Frugal Upstate on February 15, 2011

As I used up the last of my Oil of Olay spf15 moisturizer about a week ago, I decided it was time to challenge myself to be more frugal in my beauty routine.

Photo by Taulu

I’m going natural.

I’m going frugal.

I’m going Olive Oil!

olive oil

Photo by Liam Wilde

Yes,  you read that right.  I have decided to use extra virgin olive oil to moisturize with for a month!

It’s the Great Olive Oil

Moisturizer Experiment

Now I am sure you all are thinking “What the heck?”.  I swear, I’m not as crazy as you all think.  Olive oil can be used in lip balm, lotion and soap-so why not on your face?  It’s pretty easy to find articles out there on the big wide internet about the benefits of olive oil as a moisturizer.

One thing to remember though-extra virgin olive oil has no SPF to it.  Quite the opposite as a matter of fact.  Putting olive oil on your face and then going out in the sun would be the equivalent of the 1980’s practice of slathering yourself with baby oil and then lying out to sunbathe!

Photo by Linda Beaverson

You’d basically magnify the sun’s power.  That would be very bad for your skin, you could cause a sunburn in the short term and possibly permanent damage in the long run.

Since there really isn’t enough sunlight in the Binghamton area in February to worry about sunburn I feel comfortable using it in the morning.  However, if this experiment is successful in the spring & summer I would moisturize, then after waiting for the olive oil to be absorbed I would apply sunscreen over it. Another option would be just to use the olive oil as an evening moisturizer.

My observations thus far:

1.  The skin on my face feels very soft.

2.  You only need a little bit of oil.  A very little bit.  Just enough to make your hands glide over your face, chin and neck.  If you over do it you will look greasy.

3.  Despite the fact that I am rubbing oil on my face I have not had any kind of acne breakout.

4.  Olive oil is a great makeup remover.  It not only removes mascara & eye shadow, but it takes off those “All Day” lipsticks like a charm.

5.  My hands seem very soft as well-I rub them together with any leftover oil when I’m done applying to my face.

6.  You do not smell like a salad.

Have any of you ever used olive oil?

Disclaimer~I am not a doctor, dermatologist, cosmetologist, or expert of any kind.  I am simply sharing my personal experiences.

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