Carrot Sticks vs Baby Carrots

by Jenn @ Frugal Upstate on March 1, 2011

So I know some of you love your baby carrots, but I am here to tell you-there is another, more frugal way!Los otros Cheetos

First of all, do you realize that baby carrots aren’t REALLY baby carrots?  They are simply big carrots (that have been bred to be a bit sweeter and orange all the way through) which have  been chopped into 3 pieces and then sent through a special machine to basically sand them down into those cute little nubs.


And for the privilege of the change is shape you pay extra!  A recent price comparison (as in I made poor Yankee Bill stop at the store on the way home last night to check for me) “Baby Carrots” ran $1.89 per pound, while regular carrots were $1.29.

You can stop the baby carrot habit quickly and easily just by following these simple steps to make your own carrot sticks (or “stix” if you are cool).

1.  Buy or grow some standard carrots.

2.  Peel said carrots.

3.  Cut the carrot carefully (they can roll) in half lengthwise.  Then lay it, flat side down, on your cutting board & proceed to cut into sticks.

4.  That’s it!  Enjoy your carrot sticks!

Honestly people, this takes about 3 minutes from start to finish.  I probably peel and cut carrots a couple of days a week for the kiddos.  If you really want to think ahead, you could peel and cut a whole bunch then store them in a container for easy snacking throughout the week.

My kids love them in their lunches with a little container of dressing to dip them in.

There you go!  You just saved $.60 cents a pound and all it took was a couple of minutes of work.

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