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I always love browsing through interesting posts and finding new blogs.  This week’s 33 Festival entries gave me a lot to look at!  I’m not great at coming up with some clever way to order them all-so here they are, pretty much in the order received, with my take on why each post is of interest.


Learn how (and why) to get your FICO credit score for free at MyFICO Promotion Code posted at Promo Code Center. Silicon Valley Blogger also has ideas on How To Get Free Credit Monitoring at The Digerati Life.

Packing lunch is a great frugal alternative to purchasing lunch at school or out-Leah gives us a different idea then your typical sandwich with her Fast and Nutritious Lunch Bag Idea posted at Ingathered.

Is a new TV on your holiday list? Well Money Beagle says Flat Panel TV Prices Set For A Big Holiday Drop? check it out at Money Beagle.

Many folks are trying to be frugal in order to overcome debt. Well if you’ve been in debt you are probably using credit-so check out FIRE Finance’s Four Quick Ways to Build A Strong Credit Rating! posted at FIRE Finance.

Do you homeschool? Then you HAVE to check out Mama Squirrel’s Shopping Bag Homeschool: A thrifty but fun homeschool plan for an animal-loving couch potato posted at Dewey’s Treehouse.

Who couldn’t use extra money? Maybe one of these ideas at The Saved Quarter could work for you! Ways to Make or Save an Extra $1,000 This Month, Part 1.

Frugal living is all about saving money- avoid these prepaid traps at Save Your Money! Prepaid Services That Aren’t Worth It posted at Jeff Rose.

I like to try to combine frugal living with green living. If you think the two are mutually exclusive, then you need to check out Cleaning: Eco-Cheap posted at The Budget Socialite.

It’s more frugal to fix your shoes than to buy a new pair! Learn How to replace your heeltips at Tips: A Shoe Blog.

Have a home office? Check out these 10 ways To Save Money On Your Home Office posted at Money Help For Christians.

Sometimes traditional wisdom is wrong! I will have to check my car’s manual, because I You Probably Don’t Need an Oil Change Every 3,000 Miles. Thanks Free Money Finance!

I admit it-I have a weak spot for travel that I fully intent to indulge once again when the kids are older. So I love tips like How to Visit London’s Top Theatres Without Going Bankrupt over at Help Me Travel Cheap.

Do you have to choose which of your company’s health care plans to use next year? Well Kevin McKee gives you a spreadsheet to make the choice easier. Check out Health Insurance Made Easy at Thousandaire.

Sometimes it’s a good thing to look at the philosophy behind frugal living and why we make the choices we do. Why Do We Save Anyway? posted at Watson Inc brings up some interesting points.

Deep in debt and wondering if you Should You Sell Your House to Pay Off Debt? Look at the pros and cons at Christian Personal Finance before you make your choice.

I’ve made my own laundry detergent for years! Natural Health Ezine has a recipe very close to my own-as well as some interesting information on how laundry detergent works. Pop over to Make Your Own Laundry Detergent and see.

Things aren’t always what they appear! Budgets Are Sexy points out in The Power of 2nd (and 3rd) Opinions that the first quote isn’t always right!

Eating at home is usually your cheapest option-but sometimes you just want (or need) to eat out. Miranda has some great tips for Eating Out: Frugal Dining at Coupon Shoebox.

What things are you willing to pay more for? Do you have some Outrageous Products That Aren’t Worth the Price (Slap Chop anyone?). Do you agree with the ones at Dual Income No Kids.

The holidays are right around the corner and we don’t want you to dread the post season credit card bills! Maybe How to Avoid Christmas Debt Without Becoming a Grinch … 12 Great Tips at Personal Finance By The Book will give you some great ideas on how to keep your budget under control this year.

Have you heard about “Deal a Day” sites? They can be a great way to save money-as long as you don’t buy things you don’t need! The Top 10 Deal-a-Day Sites at PT’s Coupons will get you started.

To take charge of your financial life usually requires that you change. This Book Report: Switch – How to Change Things When Change is Hard posted at Richly Reasonable seems to address how to make those changes! I think I’ll put in a library request for it.

The Divide by 4 Percent Rule? at Funny about Money talks about a way to calculate how much money you will need in your retirement. It’s a bit too much math for me-but the end result is clear-we frugal folks need to save as much as we can now to live comfortably later.

I love doing fun things with the kids-and Where To Find Cheap Fun Family Activities – 6 Places posted at Free From Broke gives me some great ideas of where I can look for some frugal fun!

Medical costs rot, but with these 10 Hassle Reducing Tips for Dealing with Insurance on Medical Care posted at Money Ning you can keep as much money in your own pockets as possible.

If you can understand How Your FICO Score Impacts Your Purchasing Power, then you can make informed decisions! Thanks to Spruce Up Your Finances for the post and the examples.

As the old saying goes-time is money. How can you be frugal when you have no time? Time & Kids, Can They Co-Exist? posted at Minting Nickels tackles the problem.

Food is one of the biggest budget busters out there-so I’m sure you all could use some of the $5 Meal Ideas in Yes, I Am Cheap’s highlighted video.

Frugality is all about saving your money and your resources. Don’t waste water! Consider the 7 Ways to Conserve Water at Home posted at Bucksome Boomer.

Some people let themselves get discouraged when living a frugal lifestyle because it makes them “feel poor”. Stop Feeling Poor posted at The Paycheck Chronicles gives you some great psychological tips to keep you on course.

I think that the country as a whole would be in better shape if more adults realized that their Actions Have Consequences, just like the kid’s example posted at Live Real, Now.

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