31 Sites with Free Printable 2011 Calendars

It’s just a couple of days to the New Year, and it’s time to change over your calendars!  If you are a frugal gal (or guy!) there is no way you are going to go out and purchase a 2011 calendar.  Here are 31 different websites with tons of free printable calendars in every shape, size, color & style you can imagine.

Free Printable Calendars

1.  Boring and basic, but free printable calendars in tons of styles: full page, wallet sized, year on a page and more.

2.  This Owl Lover calendar allows you to choose your photo for each month from among 30 different owl pictures made by different artist!  (My Owl Barn) (permission to use photo)

3.  This 12-month multicultural calendar was created from artwork  by various artists from all over the world. (Creativity Portal)
January 20114.  Blue Ant Studio’s 2011 calendar features modern furniture in bright stylized graphics.  (Blue Ant Studio) (permission granted to use photos)

5.  This simple unadorned 2011 calendar would be great for adding to a scrapbooking page or embellishing with craft projects.  It has a fun font for the months.  (Call Me Crafty Al)

6.  You can choose either full color photos of endangered animals or of National parks in a couple of formats. (Xerox)

7.  This tiny printable “laundry” calendar was originally created to be used as a wedding favor, but I could see it as a wallet sized addition, or something to keep by your phone.  ( c(io)n:purse )(permission for photo)

8.  If you like that sort of collage/ephemera /vintage postcard/shabby chic style, then this 12 month calendar is for you! (Blog Guide Book)

9.  This single page 12 month calendar in a bright graphic design reminds me somehow of Scandinavian art. (Mibo Studio)

10.  Canon Creative Park has 70 different calendars. . . you can insert your own pictures, fold them into “craft” shapes, print them flat. (Canon)

11.  A simple bright year at a glance calendar available in a variety of colors.  (Sprik Space) (permission to use photo)

12.  Looking for something a bit different? How about these bookmark calendars? (Prints of Joy)

13.  You can choose from 17 full color photo calendars of flowers and tropical scenes from the Philippines (Kriyayoga)

14.  Feminine doodles are the background for this monthly calendar. (Creative Mama) (permission granted to use photos)

15.  This year at a glance bunny coloring calendar would be a great project for the kids! (Optimistic Art)

16.  HP has free printable calendars in both the full page (63 styles) & monthly (32 styles).  (HP)

17.  This gorgeous watercolor/nature style calendar prints 3 months per page vertically that you cut out to to make a rectangular monthly calendar.  You do need a free Scribd account to print this. (Alice Cantrell) (permission to use photo)

18.  A tiny printable wallet calendar.  The size of a business card, you do need to read the directions on how to read “The Small Calendar”! (Grafish Design)

19.  A couple of fun, bright, year at a glance calendars. (Don’t Eat the Paste)

20.  Do you have a dancer in your life?  This beautiful calendar features oil paintings of dancers. (R Young Art)

21.  This simple, clean graphic year at a glance calendar with a pop of color should suit many tastes. (The Modern Hive) (permission to use photo)

22.  If planes are more your style, you’ll enjoy this page at a glance calendar featuring jet planes. (David Cenciotti)

23.  This jewel case calendar is for folks who love and/or collect miniatures. (About.com)

24.  For a different style of jewel case calendar, try this artistic take. (Madabella) (permission to use photo)

25.  Fashionistas (or girls who adore pink and purple) will love this year at a glance calendar. (Vanja Stace)

26.  There are a wide variety of calendar styles available, both photo and cartoon/drawing at the 123 Calendars site. (123 Print Calendars)

27.  I featured this printable Tea Towel calendar in my Make it for Christmas series-but in case you missed it I’m listing it again. (Dollar Store Crafts)  (permission to use photo)

28.  How about a “sketch it yourself” calendar with blanks to draw in, or the color it yourself calendar with abstratct geomentric shapes? (Lula Louise)

29.  Pokemon is still popular with some of the kids-they would love this year at a glance calendar. (Pokemon Colouring)

30.  This pretty graphic monthly calendar has a different color combination for each month.  (Switcheroom)  (permission for photo)

31.  These foldable desk and pocket calendars feature a cute kitty or a country style flower.  There is auto-play music, so be warned :) . (Crafty Sue)

Now with all of these choices, you must be able to find a great free printable calendar that you’ll love & use in 2011!

Note:  All photos are copyrighted to the original creators.  I have obtained permission before using them, and you should too!

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  1. says

    They’re all wonderfully creative. But I bought myself a pocket sized 2011 calendar with vinyl cover at Michael’s for 50 cents. I like to have one I can keep in my purse.

  2. says

    Thank you very much for featuring my Bunny Coloring Calendar! :) And this post came out on my birthday too 😉 Thanks again! Wonderfull roundup of great printables!

  3. Jane says

    Oooh! Thank you for posting this! I needed to find a simple and small calendar for my wallet. You’ve saved me from a lot of searching!

    • Jenn @ Frugal Upstate says

      There should be links to all the calendars-Unfortunately I am not the creator of any of them. I’m just not that talented!


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