Bread Failure

So apparently, if you fail to put the yeast in the bread it will fail to rise, no matter how long you wait.

Which I wish I had noticed BEFORE the dough spent 1 1/2 hours in the bread machine and 40 minutes in the oven (turned off but warm) to rise.  Sigh.  Yeah.  No way I was going to be able to add the yeast in now.

I hate wasting food, so I figured I’d see what I could do.  I rolled it out into a kind of flat bread (but even “flat” bread has SOME leavening in it)

Then figuring if they were a mistake at least I could make them LOOK pretty I used the pizza cutter to cut them into diamonds and poked them with a knife.  Then I cracked sea salt over them lightly because-well-everything tastes better with salt.  350 degrees and 30 minutes later:

The insides are sort of gummy still.  They are edible, and ok.  Just not great.  Buddy actually likes them. . . so we’ll eat them like crackers for a couple days and then toss anything left.  And I’m baking REAL bread tomorrow.  You know, with yeast.

Oh–and I’ve got the other loaf worth of bread in a baggie in the fridge.  Someone (Howard-over on the Frugal Upstate Facebook page where I was lamenting my dilemma) suggested that I could try making fried dough.  Fried and then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar I bet they taste much better.

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