Charity Opportunity: Tweet-a-Thon for Vitamin Angels

There are so many great charitable organizations out there-I’d love to give time and money to every single one.  But we each have a limited supply of both time and money, so choices must be made~we just can’t support every worthwhile organization.

That’s why I love it when an opportunity comes along to help a charity earn money without having to spend a dime!  This tweet a thon is just such an opportunity!

The “Spread the Love Tweet-a-thon” is being held Feb. 14-18~which means I’m already a day late!  No matter, you can still help raise money for the international charity Vitamin Angels.

What is Vitamin Angels?  It’s an  international charity dedicated to reducing child mortality worldwide by connecting infants and children under five with essential micronutrients.

Here are three easy ways you can help, without spending a dime!  Each time you do one of the following $5 will be donated to to Vitamin Angels (up to $5,000).
  1. By entering the “Life…supplemented” Wellness Challenge Sweepstakes by completing My Wellness Scorecard (This will take you about 5 minutes and give you a great personalized report with suggestions on how to live a more healthy lifestyle)
  2. By tweeting your personalized music video (which you make by uploading a photo) after taking My Wellness Scorecard
  3. Just by using the #3pillars hashtag on any tweet!

Want to make your donation worth even more?  Your donation is double during the “Love Fest” tweeting hours:  daily between 12:00 pm – 2 p.m from 2/14-2/18.

To learn more about the charity Tweet-a-thon visit the Life…supplemented website at

Disclaimer~I am a member of the Social Media Advisory Board for Life…supplemented.

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