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I’ve been working with a designer on a new blog design for a while now.  Actually, since March.  My poor designers–there seems to just have been one thing after another on my part that keeps dragging out the process.   I’m a terrible design client.  I have absolutely no idea what I really want, I just know what I hate when I see it 😉  I did warn them of that at the beginning!  My guidance was that I wanted something that was clean and professional, and not too “cutesy”, but that was still warm and friendly.  And that I liked the green for some reason.

It’s actually getting to the point where we are getting close to changing the site over (although there is still work) so I wanted to show you all what we’ve come up with so far:

Remember, this isn’t populated with any of my actual data-so ignore those post titles and such.  I’m changing the tagline to “Frugal ~ Sustainable ~ Prepared”  because I think it better reflects my expanding interests.

I think that the box on the right with the tabs will help folks find stuff-it has my bio in the front, there is a tab to pull up the category menu, and then the 3rd box over is the contact form for reader’s questions, suggestions and PR contacts. Of course below that will go some of my advertising and affiliate stuff-a girl has got to make a living you know~

Looking at the main information part of the template-the big black box will be one of those rotating sliders with 3 or 4 of the posts I want to highlight, then below you’ll always see previews of the last 4 posts.  On the right we are adding some big graphics/buttons that will bring you to some of my popular topics–things like Meal Plan Monday, Reader’s Questions, Book Reviews. . . and some things I’ve got planned to incorporate more of like the garden primer series and the frugal food series.

One of the big design issues was the logo.  I never really liked what I had before.  I wanted something that reflected sort  of the “do it yourself” ethic–be it gardening, crafting, cooking, preserving or diy–What do you think?

Here are a couple of the icons/buttons designed to go with the general style and color scheme:

I decided to make better use of the footer.  I’m having 3 columns-not really sure if this is what I”ll keep down there but for right now I’ll have some of the sponsor/program badges, some of my videos (which will be cool) and a blog roll (right now just the Walmart Moms list)


One of the big things we are working on right now is setting up an actual recipe index!  I think that will really help folks be able to find what they are looking for :) I’ve thought once I get all the recipes organized that maybe it’s time to get a Frugal Upstate Cookbook/eBook off the ground.

I’m hoping all of this will make my site not only more attractive but easier to navigate and maybe highlight for you all some content you weren’t aware I had.  What do you guys think?

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  1. robin says

    Love the new design AND the expanding interests (sustainable and prepared!). I look forward to many more great posts!

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