Decor8 and Doilies

Sometimes I’m not even sure how I’ve come across a particular blog. Decor8 is one of those types a blogs. . . I’m really not sure what rabbit hole I fell down on my twisted journey that led to it. It is a “design” blog about “hip” finds/design with a decidedly modern style.

Since I’m a traditional/ecclectic type gal myself, decidedly “unhip”, and most of the things they are showcasing don’t even begin to fit into the “frugal” category, you may wonder why I am even mentioning it. I don’t even read design blogs for the most part!

Well, as Meredith pointed out in her pre-Christmas post on the Pottery Barn Hacks, inspiration can come from many places! I found Decor8’s post on Doily Love to be very interesting and inspiring in that same way.

It seems to me that doilies could be a very frugal decorating accessory. Many of us have one hanging around the house, passed down from family members. They can be also be found “for cheap” at thrift stores, rummage sales, garage sales, even antique stores. (Of course if doilies become truly popular the prices will start going up) If you are a crochet maven, you can even make your own.

Although some of the ideas cannot be replicated, such as doily patterns printed onto items-plates, t-shirts etc, many others could easily, and CHEAPLY be done at home. For example, they show paper doilies attached to the bottom of a shelf in a little girls room, used in art projects a’la Martha S., crocheted doilies mounted in frames, sewn on to pillows and even starched and wrapped around a glass vase.

An online search for “doily crafts” leads to such frugal fun as “starched doily bowls“, “doily Christmas trees“, “sugar bowl beaded doily“*or even these sweet feminine “doily sachets“.

*How sweet and southern is that? A little weighted cloth to keep the bugs out of your sugar, for all those outdoor tea parties you host :) You could also make individual ones for your sweet tea and such.

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  1. decor8 says

    HI and thank you for reading my blog, decor8! I’m glad you like it. Please come back and visit again soon. I feature lots of budget finds and post coupon codes for some of my favorite stores through out the year, so it’s great for those looking to save money or just hunting for crafty ideas. I try to fit a wide range of readers, so you’ll find an eclectic mix. Again, many thanks for reading and for highlighting decor8 in this post.

  2. Harper says

    It should also be noted that doilies used as “antimacassar sets” as they used to be called are the ultimate frugal decorating idea. They are used to protect upholstery and to cover worn spots on furniture.

  3. fitcat says

    My parents have those beaded doilies – also good for barbies in the Aussie summer to keep all the flies out of the food!

  4. Jenn @ Frugal Upstate says

    Decor8-No problem! I’ll be interested in see what else I learn from your blog. And of course inspiration can come from anywhere. . .

    Annette-Doiles are the epitome of victorian aren’t they? Personally I tend more to the traditional/ecclectic, but I can find some room in my heart for a few doilies.

    Harper-Good point!

    Fitcat-they probably look classier than a paper napkin thrown over the plate huh?

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