Doctor Who Necklace Revamp

Have a female Doctor Who fan on your Christmas list?  Well this 5 minute Doctor Who Necklace Revamp / Makeover is for you!  I found this cute British themed charm necklace at Claire’s for just under $10.  I thought “Wow, this reminds me of Doctor Who. . . Except it is a red phone booth instead of a blue police box”.

English Charm Necklace pre Tardis Revamp

Now I’m crafty, so I knew I could fix that!

Painting Tardis NecklaceAnd “Azure/Blue” Painters pen and about 5 minutes of work. . .

Tardis Necklace Revamp. . . and it is perfect!  Princess is such a little Whovian, she will be thrilled to get this in her stocking for Christmas!  They also had a charm bracelet (which I was able to find online–couldn’t find the necklace for you, you’ll have to look in store)

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  1. Susie h says

    Squeeeing with delight here!! Just pinned the post and now I must share on FB, so that some of my lovely crafty friends will be inspired to make this, for meeeeeeee!

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