Don’t Panic!

To quote Douglas Adam’s famous Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy “Don’t Panic!”

Here’s my annual reminder–for myself mostly, but also for everyone else out there.  It’s time to stop shopping.  Really.  I know, I know. . . I start wrapping things and looking at what I bought and start to panic “I don’t have enough! Child 1 has more things than Child 2, but the smaller items Child 2 has cost more than what Child 1 has. . . maybe I should pick up some inexpensive things to even out the numbers. . . ”


Just Stop.

It will be fine.

On Christmas morning you will look at the paper and the piles and say “Geez, there is plenty”. . . so don’t panic.


Unless of course you haven’t even started shopping.  Then it’s ok to freak out 😉


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