First Heartbreak

by Jenn @ Frugal Upstate on September 11, 2013

So this morning Princess comes downstairs crying–her pet guinea pig (who’s name really is Princess) was acting very, terribly sick.  She’s 12, and she’s smart. . . she knew that this wasn’t good.

My daughter got Princess the guinea pig when she was 7.  She has always been quite attached–unlike many children who sort of get bored with their guinea pigs and after a while ignore them for the most part, “Princess” was a daily part of my daughter’s life.  She would hold her and carry her around frequently–watching TV with the pig snuggled up on her lap, cuddling with her before bedtime, taking her outside to graze in the grass when she was playing.   And that pig knew her, preferred her above all others and I believe loved her back.

Princess in the grass

Our guinea pig this morning wasn’t moving, wouldn’t eat, was sort of panting and lying to her side.

I let my Princess stay home from school this morning to spend some final time with her pet, and “Princess” died in her arms around 8:15.  You say all sorts of comforting things to your child at a time like that, when you can’t make it all better, but I know this one thing was true–the fact that my daughter was there, holding her truly was a comfort to her pet in that last hour.

My Princess of course is grieving and upset.  As my mom pointed out–this is the first true heartbreak of her young life.  And there is nothing that Papa or I (or anyone else) can do to “fix” it.  Some things can’t be fixed–they are just gotten through.

Yes.  I know.  It’s a rodent.  There are many worse tragedies out there, some of which my daughter will have occasion to suffer eventually in her life no matter how much I could wish to protect her.  This is just the first.  But that doesn’t make her pain right this moment any softer or less real to her.

This is her first heartbreak.

We will comfort her and pray with her and be there, and of COURSE she will get through just fine.  But it sucks just the same.

I know this isn’t particularly informative or on topic for a post, but I just felt the need to share today.  Thanks for indulging me.

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