Getting “Nothing” Done.

I’m a gal with big dreams.  Not “I’m going to be a millionare” big, or “I’m going to cure cancer” big–but rather big in the sense of having lots and lots of dreams.  Lots of plans.  Lots of things I want to accomplish.  And there is always so much that I want to achieve in a day–that I am frequently down on myself.

Just a moment ago I caught myself thinking this:

“I really haven’t gotten much done yet today.”

I was fretting over the fact that I’ve got blog posts due that I haven’t written (and that’s not counting this one).  I’ve got Hostas I want to plant out front.  Folks I want to send “gee it was great meeting you, let’s keep in touch” emails from the conference I just attended.  A book proposal I promised I’d do a draft for.  Bread, ice cream and chicken to pick up at the store.  Laundry to start.  Dishes to do.  Ironing.  Vacuuming.  The list goes on and on.

I had to forcibly stop that line of thinking–and I decided to stop what I was doing for a moment (which was eating lunch) and sit here, at the computer with all of you, and take a minute to think of what I actually HAVE gotten accomplished today.

-Made coffee, read my Bible.
-I got the kiddos up, made sure they fed themselves, were dressed and out the door to school.
-Let the dog in and out at least 3 times.
-Did a quick spray and clean of the kids sink & toilet. Ick.
-Loaded the dishwasher and unloaded the sink drainboard.
-Sprayed & wiped down the front of the stove and the doors to my pantry.
-Made jello and pudding for lunches and after school snacks.
-Chatted with my mom for 30 minutes (while making jello, pudding, unloading the drainboard etc)
-Finished thinning the turnips in the garden.
-Dug up a couple of Borage seedlings and transplanted them into the garden.
-Did some quick research on Borage recipes.
-Drug the hose out and watered the onion patch and then moved it to water the main garden.
-Took two phone calls, made a couple of texts and updated Facebook twice.
-Watered my seedlings, then brought them all out of the basement into the shade to start getting ‘hardened off’.
-Thinned the seedlings.
-Took the bucket of coffee grounds, vegetable scraps, eggshells etc out to the compost.
-Chatted with the mail lady (who happens to be a good friend) and with my Mother in Law (who stopped by) each for a couple of minutes.
-Pulled an entire wheelbarrow full of Garlic Mustard from the side yard to take to the compost–took the time to pinch off the flower buds to cook as a vegetable for dinner tonight.
-Ate lunch.

When I sit and look at it all typed out like that I realize–I’ve already done a lot today.  And yet I felt like I had done “nothing”.


I guess that I just expect so much from myself–put so many things on my mental “to do” list that I’d have to be superwoman to even come close to finishing them.  Instead I’m just your average gal.

I’ve got to learn to cut myself a bit more slack, to think more positively, and to realize that I can’t take on everything–no matter how much I want to.

I’m willing to be that there are a few of you out there who are doing this exact same thing too.  So I’m here to say–cut yourself some slack as well!

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    • says

      That’s one of the ways I like to think that we bloggers can help other folks Krisit–by letting them know that it’s not all easy, we aren’t perfect either, and that we understand :) I’m sure you’ve done the same for your readers!

  1. Ruth S says

    There is another way you can view that list also:
    1. You honored God
    2. You honored your mother and Bill’s
    3. You showed yourself friendly
    4. You helped, and made provisions, for your children
    5. You gave relief to the dog
    6. You are planning and providing food for your whole family
    7. You did not waste and helped the earth
    8. In all of this, you bring honor to your husband and men at the American Legion call him blessed!

    Reminds me of a little gal in Proverbs, lol.

    • says

      Wow–what a thoughtful and kind comment Ruth. You made me tear up and you made my day. I would not have thought of it in those terms at all–but you are right. Maybe I want to do more, but what I am doing is important in it’s way–especially to those I love most.

      • Ruth S says

        No maybe to it, Jenn. I should have added a 9th – you share of yourself and your knowledge with others . I know I have been blessed, challenged, and enlightened by your blog posts.

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