Homestead Blogger’s Network!

I wanted to just take a minute to tell you guys about a new network that I’m part of–The Homestead Bloggers Network!

Homestead Bloggers Network homepage

The Homestead Blogger’s Network is sort of a one stop shop to see what’s up on a whole bunch (as in 50) of awesome blogs.  It’s not an automatic aggregator site–so it doesn’t just pull every single blog post from every single member blog.  Instead the authors of each blog submit their best homestead related posts to be shared.  You can check out the photo and a little teaser of what the post it about, and then click through to see the article on the author’s blog.  The articles concentrate on topics like gardening, storage, animals, crafts, cooking, frugal living and sustainability.  My kind of people!  I’m so proud to be one of the founding members of this network.

Of course I’m excited to have my posts appearing over on the network, and I think you all should head over, bookmark the site and check it frequently for all sorts of awesome content.  And of course you should also head on over the the Homestead Blogger Network’s Facebook page and give it a like. . .Buts as they say in infomercials “Wait-there’s more!”.

The network has a whole slew of great weekly “linkies”.  Monday Menagerie (animal related posts), Tasty Tuesday (recipes and food), Wellness Wednsday (health and wellness, including alternative health), Green Thumb Thursday (plants and gardening), Thrifty Thursday (money saving ideas), Free Time Friday (fun stuff!), Solve it Saturdays (fixing, mending, organization and solving problems around the home/homestead), and Seasonal Sundays (holiday and seasonal stuff).

For those of you who don’t what linkies (also called meme’s) are–it’s basically a topic set up that other bloggers can submit their articles to in order to share great information on a topic.  So for example Monday’s are “Menagerie Mondays”–so anyone, from anywhere on the internet can use the quick little form and share the link to any post they’ve written that week that has to do with animals.  It’s a great way to find fun things to read AND for a content creator to share their work with a larger audience.  They look like this:

Linky example picture

Anyone interested in reading any of the articles just clicks on the blue hotlink.    If you’ve got articles to share, at the bottom is a little blue button that says “add your link”.  You just click that, paste your link, choose the picture and what it’s going to say and voila!  Not only that–but it’s a shared linky–which means that if you enter your link in one place, say here at Frugal Upstate, it will appear on every single blog from the network that has put up the linky that week.  That’s a lot of bang for your buck if you are a blogger-and for the readers it means you get content to peruse from all sorts of different sites.

One more cool thing–the network is also running some fantastic joint giveaways.  Basically one or two really BIG prizes with folks entering on multiple blogs.  So there is a bigger pool of folks entering, but the prize values/kits are more exciting!  Look forward to an Earth Day giveaway coming soon.

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