Meal Plan 10/29

Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on us, but it’s still Meal Plan Monday!

I decided that it’s an exercise in futility to create a full up meal plan this week.  So much depends on the power situation.  If we just have minor power outages or none, then I could proceed as normal with meals.  If we have a long term power outage, well, then things need to be quite a bit more fluid!

We are prepared for a lot of contingencies here at the Frugal Upstate Village Homestead–We’ve got several alternate cooking methods–the grill, propane stoves, sterno stoves, and of course we can run the generator (although I don’t think that’s an efficient use of our power & gas).

With the generator and some power management techniques (such as hooking the fridge or freezer in and then just running them for a few hours at a time to keep the temp down) I’m not really worried about having to use up food or have things spoil in the fridge.

I’ve got a good supply of emergency “heat & eat” things like ravioli, La Choy meals, chili, boil in a bag rice, instant rice, etc.  I’ve got plenty of easy to prepare but from scratch items–spaghetti that can be paired with jarred sauce or some jarred alfredo sauce & a can of chicken.  We’ve got bread & sandwich fixings (canned meat), plenty of items to make soup (again on the coleman stove), items in the freezer than can be thawed and grilled.   Of course I’ve got not only a lot of water on hand but my Berkey water filter that can take stagnant pond water and filter out everything including viruses, bacteria, lead, mercury & more to make it completely drinkable (not that I want to but hey-if it can do that then filtering out rainwater or municipal water that is under a “boil water” advisory is no problem!)

For tonight I’ll probably make a big double batch of Mac ‘n Cheese–that can be dinner then the next day or two reheated in slices in the frying pan on the coleman stove later or even eaten cold.  Otherwise I’m going to plan on being flexible and going with the flow.  I’ve got lots of options and I’ll probably have lots of time to figure it out 😉

All of you out there in the path of Sandy–I hope you are staying safe!


Are you interested in learning more about menu planning? Check out my post “Why Plan a Weekly Menu” .

*note:  The link I posted to the Big Berkey website is an affiliate link.  That means if you were to use that link and purchase a filter (at the normal cost-nothing is added) I would get a small fee for being the person who referred you there.

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