Meal Plan 12/10

Welcome to another week of meal planning here at Frugal Upstate!

Considering how fast the holidays are approaching, I’m actually surprised I don’t have more to consider this week:

1.  We have our regularly scheduled scouts, dance lessons and hubs pool night this week.  I’ve got one day where I’m in town for a doctors appointment.  On Friday we’ve got our first Christmas Party to attend–so I don’t really need to plan much for supper that night, just a quick nosh before we go.  We’ve also got an event on Saturday afternoon-a friend’s wedding.

2.  My oven and range is still out of commission, although the part is on order and I am hopeful that it will be fixed soon.  So at least for the first few days this week I should plan on items that I can cook in the crockpot, Ninja 3 in 1, my electric wok or microwave.

3.  I never did make the spinach egg strata last week.

4.  I’ve still got chard, kale, carrots, mizuna lettuce and a few radishes out in my cold frames & winter garden.

5.  I pulled out a smoked pork picnic, some venison loin steaks and some of that fake crab meat stuff from the freezer to defrost for the week.

6. As always my goal is to have one venison meal, one fish meal, one pork meal, one bean meal, one meatless meal and one soup meal per week.

Taking all that into account here is my game plan:

Monday: Spinach Egg Strata with Home Canned Peaches

I never made this last week, so I figured I would make it today!  The eggs are from the ones I buy weekly from a local friend with chickens.  Instead of spinach I’ll use greens I have in the garden-most likely chard.  I can make this in the slow cooker or in the oven.

This is my meatless meal for the week.

Tuesday: Venison Loin Steaks with Brown Gravy, Wheat Berry Pilaf and Green Beans

Venison loin is so tender and delicious that you just have to enjoy it as is!  I’ll make a bit of brown gravy from the pan drippings and some beef broth just to have a bit to drizzle or to put over the starch.  I have been meaning to experiment with cooking wheat berries (instead of just grinding them up for whole wheat) so I thought I’d try a pilaf–if I run out of time or am a mess on Tuesday though we might just go with rice.  I’ve got canned green beans to use, so we’ll have some of those on the side-probably cooked with some onion and a touch of organic bacon (from my 1/2 pig).  I can cook the venison in the electric wok if my stove is still out, and I can make the wheat/rice in the rice cooker.

This is my venison meal for the week.

Wednesday: Smoked Pork Picnic with Time Saver Twice Baked Potatoes and Carrots

The picnic will be cooked in the slow cooker-I found an interesting “braised” recipe that I want to try which should work in the slow cooker instead of the oven (if necessary) and has the carrots (from the garden) cooked right in it.  I made the Time Saver Twice Baked Potatoes and froze them several weeks ago–I can cook them in another slow cooker (good thing I’ve got several) my microwave or, hopefully my oven!

This is my pork meal for the week.

Thursday: Lentil Soup with Biscuits

I’ll toss the makings of lentil soup into the slow cooker (with some scraps or the bone of the pork picnic) in the morning and let it go all day while I’m out for my Dr Appt and errands.  I can whip up some biscuits right before dinner to go alongside.

This is my soup meal and my bean meal for the week.  Heck, it’s also a meatless meal!

Friday: Leftover Buffet~Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

Friday night we have a Christmas party with plenty of nice munchies–we just need to have a quick bite to make sure we aren’t all starving when we get there!  There should be leftovers from the week–but if there aren’t then I’ll just whip up some grilled cheese and tomato soup.

Saturday: Homemade Chicken Soup

Since we have a wedding to go to with a late afternoon reception, I’m not sure if we will actually sit down and eat dinner at any point.  Soup is so easy-toss it in the slow cooker in the morning and I’ve not only got something that I can feed everyone whenever they get hungry, but I’ve also go something I can send in for lunches on Monday!

Sunday: Crab Mornay over Toast Points with Winter Salad

I pulled this crab recipe out of my Better Homes and Garden cookbook-it’s basically a creamed crab/cheese/sherrry type mixture. I’ll be using the fake crab logs :) and pairing it with a salad made from all the stuff I’ve still got in the garden. It’s amazing how good these salads taste, even though they are strong greens.  I think because it’s uber fresh food during a time of year when we aren’t getting much fresh food.

This is my fish meal for the week.


Are you interested in learning more about menu planning? Check out my post “Why Plan a Weekly Menu” .

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