Meal Plan 12/16

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  And the accompanying chaos is in full swing.  (you know, I just realized I use the word “chaos” while describing my life rather frequently. . . )  Good thing I’ve got my meal plan to help keep me on track.

Here’s what I’ve got to plan around this week:

1.  Kids have Odessey of the Mind practices, Buddy has a chorus concert one evening, Yankee Bill has pool, I have several day time appointments that will keep me out of the house, Yankee Bill has an office Christmas party, we have piano lessons, I want to do my gingerbread decorating party still, and my Dad is coming into town (although staying with my brother) over the weekend.

2.  In the fridge I’ve got some canned peaches, some sauerkraut, a couple of uncooked pork steaks, plenty of eggs, carrots, leeks, cabbage, a strangely large amount of mozzarella cheese, some leftover meatballs and chicken schmaltz.  There are still leeks and kale in the garden, covered by snow.  I’ve got plenty of onions, potatoes and food I’ve canned on hand.

3.  The weather is very cold and blustery–plus we are expecting several inches more of snow this week.  Who knows, we might even get a snow day in there somewhere.

4.  I need to head into town at least once,  and I seriously need to spend a big chunk of time wrapping gifts and catching up on blog posts (after a fiasco that had me down from Fri-Sun on the blog during my highest time for paid work in the whole year).  I am not going to feel like doing any complicated cooking.

5.  As always my goal is to have one venison meal, one fish meal, one pork meal, one bean meal, one meatless meal and one soup meal per week.

Taking all that into account here is my game plan:

Monday: Pasta meatball bake with sauteed carrots & cabbage

I will mix the meatballs with some spaghetti sauce, elbow macaroni and mozzarella cheese and make a pasta bake.  Maybe I”ll throw in a bunch of onion and garlic, it depends on my mood.  Then I’ll just cook up some cabbage and carrots as a side dish because I feel like I need some veggies.

Tuesday: Potato leek soup

The kids loved the potato leek soup I made last week, they both wanted to take it in for lunch.  Unfortunately my mom and sister stopped by and it all got gobbled up.  So I’ll make it again–it’s an easy meal for the night we have to rush out of the house for a chorus concert.  I’ll do a huge batch so there will be plenty leftover for lunches.

This is my meatless and my soup meal.

Wednesday: Lentil casserole, baked potatoes and green beans

The lentil casserole recipe I like is almost like a meatloaf, so I’ll use baked potatoes (that can go in the oven at the same temp as the casserole) and canned green beans from our garden. Simple, homestyle, filling food.

This is my bean meal for the week.

Thursday: Venison stew and rolls

Yankee Bill has a work pot luck on Friday and signed up to bring a stew.  It seemed rather efficient to me that I could make us a stew for Thursday, and then do all the browning, cutting etc for a second stew at the same time and then just put the ingredients in the fridge.  We’ll eat venison stew for dinner with some rolls (or biscuits).  First thing in the morning when I get up I can put it all in the slow cooker, then Yankee Bill can take it in to work, plug it back in and by lunchtime it will be all hot and yummy.

This is my venison meal for the week.

Friday: Pork fried rice

I’ll cook up one of those pork steaks (the other should just go in the freezer) and cut the meat of the bone–then I’ll use that along with both dried/reconstituted and fresh vegetables (carrots, onion, leek) to make a big pot of pork fried rice.   I may add in some egg drop soup at the last minute–I can whip that up pretty fast.

This is my pork meal for the week.

Saturday: Pizza

Homemade pizza–unless it’s too chaotic with family coming in to town and such.  In that case I’ll order pizza.

Sunday: Chili and Sweet Northern Cornbread

We’ll have a bunch of friends and family over for our annual Gingerbread House Decorating party.  Since there is just gobs and gobs of candy at this event, we’ll have cheese and crackers and a big pot of chili with cornbread to even things out.  I like to at least try to get some protein in to the kiddos.


Are you interested in learning more about menu planning? Check out my post “Why Plan a Weekly Menu” .

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