Meal Plan 2/11

Welcome to Valentines week!  Do you have any special plans?  We’ve got a few little fun things to do :)

Here’s what I’ve got to plan around this week:

1.  We’ve got the regular stuff–dance 2x, Boy Scouts, Odyssey of the Mind practices, Pool League. . . but we are adding in to it an Odyssey competition for Princess and an Ecological Design class for me on the weekend, an exercise class Monday Night, a community steak dinner for Yankee Bill and I one night, and a Valentine’s Day night out! It’s a busy week.

2.  I’ve got leftover fish pie (which was mediocre–I changed a few things and didn’t like it), leftover rice and some un-canned Blood Orange Marmalade I should use.  I’ve also got to make Fish Tacos for a campaign–so we will be eating those as well!

3. As always my goal is to have one venison meal, one fish meal, one pork meal, one bean meal, one meatless meal and one soup meal per week.

Taking all that into account here is my game plan:

Monday: Cheesy Fish Chowder with Bread and Coleslaw

The leftover fish pie will be reworked into a chowder.  I think if I add chicken bullion, onion, some thickener and a nice cheddar it will kick it up and make it tastier.  I’ll be doing my Monday bread baking, so there will be hot bread.  I’ll use some of the cabbage that will be in the fish tacos later for coleslaw.

This is my fish meal for the week.

Tuesday: Kids:  Pancakes for Supper, Adults:  Steak Dinner Out!

Yankee Bill and I will be having a steak dinner.  Since it’s Shrove Tuesday I’ll make pancakes for the kiddos.  Win-win!

Hmmm. It’s a meatless meal for the kids but a meat FULL meal for Yankee Bill and I.

Wednesday: Fish Tacos (in homemade tortillas!) with Citrus Rice

I’ll have made a test run of the tacos earlier in the week (and premade all the homemade tortillas!), and made the coleslaw on Monday, so this should be pretty much a cook the fish & put it all together type thing.  Which is good because Wednesdays are crazy!  The Citrus Rice is just for something a little different.

This is another fish meal for the week

Thursday: Kids: Chicken Alfredo Spaghetti with Broccoli, Adults: Dinner Out

This will be a quick meal for the kids.  Home canned chicken mixed with storebought Alfredo and frozen broccoli.  Yankee Bill and I are meeting some friends for dinner before going to see Rock of Ages (the touring company)

Friday: Marmalade Dijon Pork with Mashed Potatoes and Beans

I’m going to mix together some of the Blood Orange Marmalade with some Dijon mustard and use it to glaze some pork (the cut will depend on what part of the 1/2 pig in the freezer I happen to pull out).   I’ll make mashed potatoes out of the potatoes we’ve got in the basement and add some canned beans on the side.

This is my pork meal for the week.

Saturday: Pintos with Kick and Sweet Northern Cornbread

I’ll be at my Ecological Design seminar all day–so it’s best to have a crockpot meal going that will be done when I get home.  Since I also need a bean recipe I’ll make the Pintos with Kick in the crockpot :) .  I can quickly whip up some Sweet Northern Cornbread (or if I’m really organized have everything ready to Yankee Bill can just mix, pour and bake when I’m on my way home.)

This is my bean meal and my meatless meal for the week.

Sunday: Marinated Venison Steaks, Winter Squash Bake and Sauteed Carrots

I found a bunch of marinade recipes that I haven’t used in a long time while organizing my recipes this week.  I don’t know which one I’ll use-but I’ll marinate the steaks and then pan fry them.  The Winter Squash Bake will take the place of a pasta or potato dish, and I’ll get some carrots out of the garden to saute up for a vegetable (yes-they are still out there under the straw)


Are you interested in learning more about menu planning? Check out my post “Why Plan a Weekly Menu” .

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