Meal Plan 6/23

Here’s to a hectic start of summer.  Actually, even though Saturday was the official start of summer, I’ve still got one kiddo in school for another 3 days.  Lots going on, so a meal plan is especially necessary.

So this is what I’m working with this week:

1.  A few things went wonky with last week’s meal plan.  That happens sometimes.  The trout we cooked up on the grill was so huge that even after we all ate our fill there was almost 3 cups of flaked fish left over.  So I made a “Trout Loaf” from my Old Fashioned Salmon Loaf recipe to use up the leftovers.  Also as a spur of the moment thing we decided to head up to the land and toss some sausages on the grill one night.  So we never did make the Pumpkin, Black Bean, Beef and Tamale Pie or the French Onion Soup with Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.  Both of those still sound good (and I have to use up that squash) so I’ll use them this week.

2.  I’ve got a class I’m taking tonight and one I’m teaching tomorrow night, so that puts a time constraint on making meals.  Yankee Bill is busy on Thursday night.  This weekend we are doing family stuff–so we’ll be eating at Nana’s both nights.

3.  In the fridge I’ve got garlic scapes (still), lettuce, and some leftover Taco meat.  We’ve got lettuce and kale in the garden–soon we’ll have snow peas, but not yet.  There is plenty of “stuff” in the freezer and in the cupboard to help out with other meals.

4. As always my goal is to have one venison meal, one beef meal, one fish meal, one pork meal, one bean meal, one meatless meal and one soup meal per week.

Taking all that into account here is my game plan:

Monday: French Onion Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

It sounds good, I can start the soup in the slow cooker, and it will be fast enough to finish up after my class.

This is my Soup and my Meatless meal for the week.

Tuesday:  Pumpkin, Black Bean, Beef and Tamale Pie with Green Salad

It is just sounding good to me!  It is supposed to be warm but rainy tomorrow, hopefully the casserole won’t feel too “hot” to eat.  I will probably make it early-ish in the day so that the family can warm it up for supper while I’m gone teaching my Jams and Jellies class for the cooperative extension.

This is my Beef meal for the week.

Wednesday: Slow Cooker Pork Shoulder (in BBQ Sauce?), Stewed Kale and Applesauce

I just fished a frozen smoke pork shoulder out of the freezer.  I’ll just toss it in the slow cooker and let it melt apart over the course of the day on Wednesday while I’m out having my guitar lesson and running errands.  I may pull out a second slow cooker for the kale–I like my greens stewed to death with a bit of pepper flake and pork in it :)  Finally I’ll just crack open a can of applesauce from last fall’s canning session.  If I’m feeling really special I might make rolls or biscuits.

This is my Pork meal for the week.

Thursday: Venison Curry over Rice

I love using curry cubes from the Asian market to turn anything into a curry dish.  The sauce is simple and YUM! I’ll just cut up and cook the venison, then I can add whatever vegetables I have on hand–leftover kale from Wednesday, carrots from the fridge, frozen mixed vegetables. . . whatever I have on hand.  Serve it over rice and you’ve got a meal.

This is my Venison meal for the week.

Friday: Baked Fish, Rice and Green Beans

I’ll just do super simple baked fish (butter, salt & pepper, lemon) and then serve it with the leftover rice and some warmed up green beans.

This is my fish meal for the week.

Saturday: & Sunday: Dinner at Nana’s



Are you interested in learning more about menu planning? Check out my post “Why Plan a Weekly Menu” .

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  1. Ruth S says

    No curry cubes in the rural south, sigh. Maybe at the Walmart 30 miles away. I’ll have to put them on my list.

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