Midwinter Pickle Crock

We are right in the middle of our cold, damp winter here at the Frugal Upstate Village Homestead:
Snowman is courtesy of Yankee Bill and kiddos

In the middle of this weather it gave me a great amount of joy to head down to the basement and pull the crock of refrigerator Kosher Dill Pickles out.

I put these together at the end of the summer from the bounty of cucumbers, some of our dill and plenty of garlic.  This is the first year with this particular recipe–we enjoy them but want something with a bit more bite (these are very very mild-barely vinegary).  I did learn a lesson-the fridge in the basement is very cold–and a few of the top pickles froze making them much mushier than I’d like.  Note to self-make sure the bucket is placed on the bottom shelf of the fridge next year!

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      Michelle-I used a recipe that is for “refrigerator pickles” and then just left them in the fridge :) I did one container with whole cucumbers and another (which is still in the basement fridge) with slices. The one with slices was really only about half full so I put a plastic kids plate in there that I didn’t care about to keep the pickles submerged under the brine. These are a brined pickle rather than a high vinegar pickle–I actually doubled the amount of vinegar (something many of the commenters on the recipe suggested) and they are still very mild:


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