New Blog Design is LIVE!

Here we are, finally, with my new blog design!

Those of you cruising by the site of course are looking at it, but for those of you getting this via email here’s a quick screen shot:

screen shot

There are a couple of new things.  First, on my main page there are more posts, but just the short, starter version.  That should make it easier to scan and see what you are interested in reading!  Also I’ve got a nifty slider at the top of the page that will feature some of my best posts and projects (although right now it is just set for the recent stuff).

My designer did a great job of creating a better way for you all to search my recipes.  Now we’ve got a pretty index page:

recipe index

Currently when you click on it you get the most recent recipes in that category–and you can keep hitting “previous” to see more.  I’ve got to see about getting that adjusted a bit so you’ll see all the recipes for the category on one page.

You’ll also note special icons/buttons on the right hand side highlighting Meal Plan Monday, Reader’s Questions and Book reviews.  You click on those and it will bring you specifically to those categories.

share a recipe

There is also now a way that you can easily send me your own recipes–I’d love to try out and share more reader recipes :)  You just use the “cooking” tab at the top and select “Share a recipe”.


Make sure you scroll all the way down and check out the footer as well.  Besides all the mandatory sponsorship stuff and my Walmart Moms blogroll, I’ve now got the 6 most recent videos down there for you to peruse.

So take a bit of time, wander around and let me know what you think!  Is there anything that just seems awkward?  Things that you love?  Things that we missed and don’t work?  I’d appreciate the input!

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  1. Lora says

    I find the new site very user friendly. :-)

    I happened to find a problematic link, the one for “”SheIsLosingIt” in your bio. (My work-from-home job involves checking for things like that so it’s become a habit.)

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