Organizing the Deep Freeze

by Jenn @ Frugal Upstate on March 19, 2013

I’ve been on an organizing mission lately–trying to wade through the chaos that my house has become and very, very slowly tame at least the ground floor of my home.  I’ve been staying pretty much on track, trying to just ignore a lot of the rest of the mess right now–but last week when I went down to get something out of the deep freeze I just couldn’t stand the mixed up jumble inside any longer.

deep freezer 5I didn’t take any pictures of the embarrassing mess that was inside–just the completed project.

Deep Freezer 3

As you can see on the top shelf I used a cardboard box that was open on one end to contain a bunch of my vacuum sealed and frozen garden veggies.  That’s both purslane and radish pods you see in the front–there are green beans, corn, beets and greens (dandelion, beet or lambsquarter) behind them.  I like to use a Sharpie and write what’s inside and the month/year on each package as I pack it.  Makes it easier to figure things out later ;)

Deep Freezer 1

On the door I sort of organized by product.  I’ve got bulk hot sausage on the top (both venison and pork), butter and shredded cheese, broth (and a bit of fish) and then on the bottom random cuts of flavoring meat like ham hocks.

Deep Freezer 2In the main body of the freezer I used cardboard boxes to sort of corral the different types of meat.  Sure-I could probably cram more in if I just filled the shelf top to bottom, but then it’s impossible to find what you are looking for without pulling everything out.  Now I can see that on this shelf I’ve got venison burger, venison spiedies (that’s stew or kabob meat for the rest of the world) and venison steaks.  The other shelves are organized similarly.

The cardboard maintains it’s integrity just fine in the freezer–the cold doesn’t bother it at all.  In the past I’ve tried using plastic bins or baskets, but those cost more AND they seem to get brittle and then crack or break.  As long as I don’t get the cardboard wet it’s fine–and I can always come up with some more boxes from somewhere if I need to :)

For those of you out there with a deep freeze. . . how do you organize it?

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