Patriotic Strawberries

Here’s a simple treat that packs a huge WOW factor–and tastes delicious to boot!  Patriotic Strawberries decorated in “Red, White and Blue”.

Chocolate and Sanding Sugar Dipped Strawberries - Patriotic Style!

Aren’t those pretty?  Making them is simple–you just need 3 ingredients.  Strawberries, white chocolate/white dipping chocolate and blue sanding sugar.

Melt your chocolate in a double boiler and pour your sanding sugar into a bowl.  Line a cookie sheet or platter with some waxed paper or parchment paper–then you are ready to go.  Just dip each strawberry into the melted white chocolate, then into the blue sanding sugar.  Place on the waxed paper to harden (you can speed this up in the fridge).  Serve immediately or keep a day or so in the fridge lightly covered.

That’s it!

I’d only make these about a day ahead of time–if moisture starts to condense on them in the refrigerator then the colored sugar will start to melt and bleed.

So make some of these for your Memorial Day, Labor Day or 4th of July party–folks will be impressed.  You can also use the same technique to do all sort of “theme” color combinations–think baby showers, graduation parties, or the Christmas holidays.  Just adjust your sanding sugar and your melting chocolate colors–and if you don’t need the red cover the strawberry more fully.

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