Reader’s Question: What can I expect at a Women on Target (WOT) Event?

Hi Jenn!

I’m a reader of your blog from North Carolina. I’m considering attending a Women on Target clinic here within the next few months. I’ve never done anything like that. I know you attended one–do you have any suggestions so I won’t be so scared? 

Lee Ann


What fun!  I’m so glad you are considering attending a Women on Target event!  Women on Target is a one day instructional shooting clinic run by the NRA (National Rifle Association).  The idea is to have women learn about shooting in a supportive, non competitive environment, and to gain confidence in their skills.  In a Women on Target clinic you:

  • Learn safe firearms handling
  • Learn how to store your firearms safely
  • Learn to shoot

Although I am pretty familiar with shooting (hell0–11 years in the Army!) I attended a Women on Target clinic in my local community last fall with my 69 year old mother.  Actually–she had seen the flier at the local grocery store, decided to attend and asked me if I wanted to tag along!

It was a great deal–for $30 we had training & range time on archery, pistol, rifle, shotgun & black powder…plus lunch & a years membership to the Rod & Gun Club so we could come back and practice our skills.

Women on Target Muzzle Loader

I was surprised to find that the black powder shooting (that’s the real old fashioned stuff like you see the pioneers doing–pour the powder in, add a rag, ram it down, add a big old ball of lead etc)  was the part I enjoyed the most.  I had never even had the urge to try it before!  Actually I talked about it so much afterwards that my husband bought me a black powder rifle for Christmas (that he plans on borrowing for hunting season. . . black powder opens before and keeps going after regular rifle season in our part of NY)

You said you were nervous–don’t be.  There is absolutely nothing to worry about in attending a Women on Target event. This is an introductory type event, just for women, and it assumes that everyone is starting at ground level–so it will be a friendly, helpful environment and they will make sure they go over safety, terminology and everything so you will know everything you need to succeed and have a good time.

Although each clinic may be run a bit differently, the one I attended started inside with the informative stuff for a bit classroom style, then we went outside and got to rotate through stations and try all the different types of shooting–archery, shotgun, air pistol etc. At each station there was further explanation, safety and instruction.  The instructors were right there to help through the entire thing.

My biggest advice (besides “yes, you should go!”)  would be to wear comfortable clothing, have some layers on (shirt, sweatshirt windbreaker) so you can adjust for the temperature, wear shoes that are comfortable to stand in (sneakers) and consider wearing a baseball type hat to keep sun out of your eyes.  Maybe bring some  bottled water and bug spray.

 Otherwise then that just go and have fun! I’ll bet you love it.

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  1. Macy says

    I am so excited! After reading your post, I clicked the link and found a WOT clinic IN my little town! I’ve been looking for a course since February. Woohoo!!

  2. Yankee Bill says

    I’m proud to be an NRA member – the NRA and sometimes its members get demonized in many media and political circles, but this fine and historic organization does more to promote the safe and responsible handling of firearms than any other group on the planet.


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