Red Cross Online Babysitting Course

Here’s something I though you all might find cool–online babysitting courses from the Red Cross!  Princess is 12 right now, and this spring when she turns 13 we will consider letting her begin babysitting.  Of course, I’d feel more confident if she took a class. Plus I think that parents will feel more confident with a young sitter who has had basic safety and babysitting training.

I know the Red Cross offers classes (as do some other organizations)–but they might not have a class going on when she is interested in being certified.  So it’s just cool to know that there are online classes.  According to their website the class is $25, takes about 4 hours (can start and stop as needed) and are for ages 11 and up.  Kids taking the course need to get an 80% on the online exam in order to pass and get the printable certificate.


Note: this is not a sponsored post–I just thought it was useful information!

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