Signs of Spring

Spring is finally sprung here in Upstate New York.  Here are a few signs of spring from around the Frugal Upstate Village Homestead!

Seed Packets

The sight of my seed packets spilled out all over the dining room table is a sure sign of garden planning and spring on it’s way!  Yes–I really have that many seeds.  It’s a sickness I tell you!

Sheets and blankets on the line

Another sign of spring in the damp and overcast Binghamton NY area is when it’s finally warm enough and dry enough to start hanging things out on the line again.  The kids blankets and sleeping bags are a good place to start–they get some serious “funk” over the winter 😉

Rhubarb poking up

I get all giddy when I start to see the rather ugly sprouts of my rhubarb poking up through their winter layer of compost mulch.  Yay!  Rhubarb is on it’s way–the first spring fruit (even though it’s really a vegetable).

Garlic popping up

And over in the back side garden last fall’s work is starting to show results–the garlic I planted and mulched heavily with chopped leaves are poking their green little shoots through!  Soon I’ll be able to harvest the occasional tender leaf to add garlic-y goodness to salads, soups and casseroles.  If it looks like a good crop I’ll also be able to harvest some of it as “green” garlic–but most of it will be left until late summer for nice full bulbs.

I’ve also got some Chives and Egyptian Walking Onions poking up, and I expect the Lovage to make a showing soon.  I just love perennial vegetables and herbs–spring comes, they refresh themselves and I reap the benefit.

What signs of spring are you seeing around your place?

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  1. Amyrlin says

    Not as dramatic of a change here but I hear lots of birds chirping. The nights are cool and the days are warm enough for shorts :)

  2. Susan Johnson says

    Sure signs of spring to me….forsythia blooming, dogwoods blooming, redbud popping out. Pine pollen and oak blooms everywhere… I also have an addiction to seeds and garden plants. I went to the nursery the other day to buy tomato plants for the garden…got home and counted…I had 170. DH nearly died. We planted 120 last year and we worked ourselves to death (but it was all good) I got eggplant and peppers too. Saturday is planting day…can’t wait. Ok…oh and as I sit here…the mockingbirds and redbirds are singing happy songs even though it’s raining and cold this morning. East Texas weather is so roller coaster this time of year…it’s 40 this morning and predicting high of 90 next week. LOL

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