The $2.50 Baby Gift

by Jenn @ Frugal Upstate on March 27, 2008

I bought several skeins of variegated pastel baby yarn at the dollar store several months back, and used 2 1/2 skeins to create this blanket and baby sweater:

I know this looks white, but trust me, it is pastel variegated.

The blanket is a garter stitch border with a 10 stitch/10 row basket weave pattern. That took about a full skein and 2/3 of the second one. I started it as a mindless project for those times when I’m stuck waiting somewhere (Dr’s office etc) and toted it around in the car, occasionally dragging it inside to work on while watching TV. I don’t even have a recipient in mind-it was just a make busy project.

Once I finished the blanket last week I went looking for an easy baby sweater for some quick gratification. Lo and Behold! I found the 5 hour baby sweater! I really did complete it in two evenings of TV watching-it was very satisfying and easy to complete. I’ve started a second one to use up the other half of the skein. You can even make a more “boy” version without the little bobbles.

Close up of the bobbles. I think they are cute.

I think I have a new standard quick and easy gift for any babies that wander into my life!

Want to see some more? I did a search and found all of these lovely versions that folks have knitted up.

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