The November Garden

Yes, it’s November in Upstate New York, and I’ve still got food growing in my garden! It just makes me so happy–homegrown, fresh organic produce from my own land.

Yankee Bill bought me these great rain/garden boots at a sorting goods tent sale. Its so fun and festive to look down and see them on my way out to the garden on damp mornings.

I’m still grabbing a few fat, sweet carrots. These were cut into carrot sticks for the kids lunches.

The plants in the cold frames are doing well. These promise to keep providing us with tasty greens for at least another month-maybe more!

I’ve still got kale, chard, beets and carrots in the big main garden as well.

The compost piles and leaf bin are looking good. The bin on the left was almost to the top when I filled it with layers of garden refuse and shredded paper. It’s cooked down by about 2/3 and if I turn it before snow flies it should be ready to use in the spring.

And lastly-just today I finally planted my garlic! Let’s hope I get a better harvest this year.

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