To My Readers, Who I Love. . .

Guys, you know I love you.  You know I do my best to have lots of varied content.  You know I always try to balance out the number of my sponsored (read “pays the bills”) posts with other content–and to make sure that the sponsored posts include teachable/actionable information whether you are interested in the product or not.

So I’m warning you and asking for your patience.  I’ve got a lot of posts due in the next week or so–so it’s going to be a bit heavy on the sponsored content.  I’ve also got the whole prepping for Christmas thing as well–so things will be a little lopsided.



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  1. Trish says

    Jenn, we love you too! I know I speak for myself and all of your loyal readers when I say that your blog makes our lives better. How wonderful to be able to have a career in writing, and writing about what you love! You have a beautiful way of presenting the sponsored posts in creative and useful ways; they are most welcome. :-) Wishing you a fantastic week!

  2. Lucy says

    I don’t mind the sponsored posts at all. It’s not like you’re demanding we buy anything. I actually enjoy them, gives me a chance to see something I may want to purchase for my own needs or as a gift.

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