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Most of you have probably noticed that I wear glasses.  Well let me give you a little family history.  I wear glasses.  All 3 of my sisters and my brother wear glasses at least part of the time.  My mom and my dad both wear glasses.  Yankee Bill wears glasses.  His mom, dad and sister all wear glasses.  Basically I told the kids from the time they were old enough to ask about it “Yes, you’ll wear glasses too someday unless you’ve won the genetic lottery”.
Of course I’ve always kept a close eye on the kiddos for signs that they needed them.   I made sure to tell them every fall “If you have any trouble seeing the board you need to tell me so we can have your eyes checked out”.  So this fall we happened to be walking by the Walmart Vision center in our local store and I asked Buddy “Hey, have you been having any trouble seeing the board?”  and he answered “Yes”.  Uh. . . Ok, were you going to tell me about it?
We made an appt with our regular pediatric ophthalmologist (aka my brother) and got his eyes checked. He did indeed need glasses which we ordered through our vision plan that hubs gets via work.  Buddy has taken good care of them–but I kept thinking “Gee–we really should get him a spare pair, just in case.”  I mean he’s a 9 year old boy.  They break things.
So this latest opportunity from Walmart was just perfect.  (I mean seriously–lately I have just been blessed to get opportunities that line up SO WELL with what’s going on in my life!)  Walmart wanted to highlight their vision center’s $8 frames and their new Equate 1 Day Disposable Contacts–so they offered to let TWO family members go in to our local Walmart Vision Center and have an eye exam and get either glasses (from the $8 selection) or the contact lenses.  How cool is that?
I made an appointment at the Walmart Vision Center.  Actually I made the appointment, moved it twice and then due to a minor family crisis actually missed the appointment by 30 minutes on the day of.  But the staff was kind and understanding and managed to work Buddy and I back in.  And that wasn’t even because I was blogging about it–they didn’t know about that :)
The optometrist gave each of us a thorough exam (I declined the dilatation for both of us since we had each had it done recently).  We paid for the exam at the desk and then went into the optical shop to pick out frames.  They had a wide assortment arranged by price point.  Walmart had specifically requested we pick from the $8 frames.  There were just two columns at that price for each gender-so it wasn’t a large selection.  There were enough styles and shapes though to make it possible for just about anyone to find something that would work.  And then if you moved up into the $29-$49 range your choices just exploded.  (just as a note for those of you who don’t wear glasses–I have typically paid around $250 for my frames without the cost of the actual lenses in other places).
Buddy and I were each able to pick out a decent pair of frames for our “second/spare” pair of glasses.  Even with the stronger lens material, scratch resistance and the protection plan each pair of glasses cost less than $100!

The optometrists who provide the exams in each Walmart are independent, and both the exact services offered and the pricing will vary from store to store:

“Independent doctors of optometry at Walmart Vision Centers offer essential preventative and routine vision care as well as screening exams that can be performed without urgent or emergency care. For your convenience, exams are available both by appointment and on a walk−in basis. Eye care services may include but are not limited to*:

Independent, licensed optometrists
Comprehensive vision assessments
Prescription lenses and medications
Contact lens exams
Children’s eye exams
Dilated eye exams for cataracts and macular degeneration
Eyeglass repairs and adjustments
Frame styling
Glaucoma screenings
Treatment of eye infections
Diabetic eye exams
Filling current prescriptions from outside optometrists”
****This is a sponsored post****
Disclosure: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received product samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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  1. Amyrlin says

    Nice that it is inexpensive. Both my husband and daughter wear glasses, even though both of their eyes exams are covered through Indian Health Services (IHS) the glasses are not. The eye center at IHS is a Native American owned company and each set of glasses is made by Native Americans so my daughter’s glasses cost $40 each and we had to get 2 because of course for an 8 year old (at the time) you have to have a spare. I thought that was a good deal. maybe I can get the script than have the glasses made. My husband has a weird prescription ( the nerves were damaged in a car wreck) he paid $350 for his glasses with a spare, but that was a good deal for him! Walmart would be good to check out!

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