Walmart’s EDLP

Last week I got an email from my contact at Walmart, asking if I’d be willing to write and tell you all about the Walmart EDLP.

My reply?

“Not to be an idiot or anything, but what exactly *is* EDLP?”

Well it turns out that EDLP is internal Walmart speak for their “Every Day Low Price” guarantee!  Well THAT I had heard of :)

Photo courtesy of Walmart

You see, Walmart has a goal of providing customers with an Every Day Low Price–they believe in low prices, and not gimmicks and are committed to have the lowest price on everything in store.

Photo by Abras2010

You can read the full, official Walmart Press Release on their website.

Now I know that there are two major points that some of you will bring up on this:

Major Point #1– “But I saw product X on sale at my l0cal grocery store for less, so Walmart doesn’t always have the lowest price”.

Counterpoint:  That’s why Walmart does their famous “Ad Match”.

If you find a lower advertised price from a competitor, Walmart will match it.

Now there has been a bit of confusion in the past about what exactly the Ad Match entails, so Walmart has done extensive associate training to make sure everyone is up to date and correct on the policy.  Here are the important details:

a) You don’t need to bring in the ad for Walmart to match the competitors lower price.

b) Walmart Ad Matches are done right at the register-no need to go to customer service or anywhere else.

c) The price match needs to be on the same item-apples to apples.  You can’t take a sale price on one brand and try to use it on a different brand :)

d)  Walmart matches competitors promotions when the promotional price can be identified. For example – If an ad states “Buy one for $2.49, get one free” or “Buy one, Get one free. Save $2.49” Walmart can match that price. But if a competitor ad states “All cosmetics 50% off,”  then Walmart cannot match the promotional price since it’s not stated.

Easy peasy right?  If you have any doubt or concern about your local store matching  an advertised deal, I’d just bring the flier right along with me, just in case.

Major Point #2-“But Walmart doesn’t stock the product I want to match-I mean they used to, but when my store did it’s big redesign last year we lost a whole bunch of my favorite products”

Counterpoint #2:  Walmart is bringing back 8,500+ products that once disappeared from their shelves.

Although the Walmart store redesigns were intended to make the stores more physically appealing-open aisles, lower shelves-that meant less merchandise space.  So Walmart reduced the actual merchandise they were carrying.

Apparently people have hated it.

Walmart listened.  People preferred one stop shopping and the every day low price on the brands that they love, so they are bringing many of those items back!  Starting later this month you should start to see those items on the store shelves, along with special little tags to let you know “It’s Back!”

Photo courtesy of Walmart

So what do you think?

Disclosure: This post is part of a campaign I am participating in with the Walmart Moms. Walmart has provided me with compensation and product for this post. My participation is voluntary and opinions, as always are my own. 
****This is a sponsored post****

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  1. says

    I used to do all my shopping at a Super Walmart, but my office moved. I make it into a smaller store every so often and am reminded about how well they do price items you’d pay more for elsewhere. People say you can’t eat healthy from Walmart, but they carry well priced organics. They have the best price on wild caught salmon. And their wheat pasta is a buck a box — less than any supermarket store brand, and in a bigger size.

    I think one key is to know what you are looking for. And to be open to the idea that there are some items you also wouldn’t expect.

  2. Becki Foster says

    I’ve been so frustrated with our new “supercenter” and now I know why! Very limited selection of brands, etc. Sure will be happy to see more to choose from. Thanks for the info!

  3. Krista T says

    Thank GOODNESS they’re bringing stuff back. I have been rather angry at Walmart for reducing their stock by SO much! I have largely stopped shopping there because of the lack of variety offered! It was insultingly obvious that they went to 1 national brand and the (obviously lower-priced) Great Value brand for each type of item and if there wasn’t a “Great Value” product produced – they seemed to not bother to stock ANY national brands of it. It got so bad that over half my grocery list simply wasn’t available there anymore.

    THANK YOU for posting about this policy change! I will incorporate them into my stops again, and keep an eye out for more products! They DO have the lowest consistent prices, although to rebut both points simultaneously – Walmart HAS seemed to purposefully stopped stocking the brands (even before the renovations) that local stores put on sale, or they stock odd-sized items, etc. – they seem to spout a great ad-matching policy, then back it up with being POSITIVE that you can’t use it on 90% of sale items. I hope they carefully select which products they bring back and not wind up looking two-faced.

  4. Ruth S says

    I agree with Krista. They did a way with a lot of their lower priced competition, and didn’t always substitute a Good Value brand for the same. I have also had the frustration of picking up an item and getting to the checkout to be told, “This is one ounce larger/smaller than their brand, so we can’t price match.” I got the free hair color coupon and haven’t been able to use it because they don’t have my color in it! My store does make us have the ad, too. I hope someone is listening to their customers.

  5. supershoppers says

    i work for an ARF.(adult residential facitlity) and one of our major credit cards is the walmart card. we shop weekly for 14 people. we save so much on walmarts everyday low prices but we save extremely with the ad matching. its great. thank you walmart for making it just alittle bit easier.

  6. Sandy McKinney says

    I understand a store needs to try something to see if it is the right thing to do. Walmart has tried and found, it was not what customers want. Thanks Walmart for caring, it’s what makes you # 1.

  7. Connie Wallace says

    I live 2 miles from my local Walmart and it works for me! I could care less what anyone else says. No, Walmart is not perfect, but neither is anything else.

  8. Lacy says

    So if we don’t have to bring in the ad how does it work? I know at my local Wal-Mart you have to have it. Should we print out their ad matching policy and carry it in our purse? Also my store won’t honor the buy one get one free or 2nd for $1.00, they consider that a gimmick. I have fought with associates many times because they will try to only match the item pictured in the sale ad even though it states underneath which products are included. For example: Coca-Cola 12pk $2.99, it will have in writing Sprite, Diet Sprite, Diet Coke etc. That make sense?

  9. Brandi says

    Great news! I was wondering if they still had the price-match guarantee. Now I don’t have to go to two stores on my shopping trips! I am equally pleased with them bringing back products that had been eliminated. Do you know if you can request at your local Walmart Supercenter for them to carry items you previously bought at other stores? Thank you for the helpful information.

    • Jenn @ Frugal Upstate says

      Brandi-Well, it can never hurt to request a product. . . the worst they can do is say no and you will be in the same place you were to begin with.

  10. Stephanie says

    I have taken a Major competitor’s ad in my Local Walmart and ask them to match their price. I was told since they Major competitor has moved out of town now that they only do it on Local stores ad’s I told them that’s not what you advertise if that is the the way it is done it should be stated on your Advertisement ! They did give me the competitor’s price but they said only this one time ! The Major Competitor who had they lower price is only in the next town over I could have easily went there to purchase the item but I was doing alot of shopping that day at Walmart so I thought I’ll just take the ad with me and get it while I am there. If the ad has to be from a Local Competitor than that needs to be stated in your advertisement ! If that is the case I will drive that extra few miles to purchase the item if the savings if worth my time and skip my weekly trip to Walmart

  11. debbie anderson says

    I wish they would get better fresh fruit and veggies most all the time alot of there stuff is spoiled and moldy..when I talk to a manager they said they dont have enough people to keep turning it and there food is better then shaws which is a class c I dont believe that for a minute last week 2 whole selves of strawberries were rotted we could not find one good package..then last week my husband bought me a hanging basket 2 signs in front of them said $8.00 not one but 2 signs it rang up $20.00 when we told her she called lawn and garden they said the sign had been moved and kicked over I was so mad I would never do that when we left we drove by L&G and peaked in the signs were still there and they were standing..whos the liar now? I get so frustrated with that place they also really need to train their cashiers in how to handle coupons,,I had diff. coupons for diff dog foods one was for $1.09 off a certain kind and another for a cheaper price they all rang up the cheaper price and she said I’ll just have to give you the lower price coupon and not my $1.09 off..I dont think so I bought the proper items for those coupons..I want whats due to me for my discount..also some of them are so rude shouldnt even work with the public…………..

  12. misty says

    Shew Ive tried price matching in the past and it has been a big mess they couldnt figure out what 3 for 5.00 was Ive had so many issues I ususally dont even bother anymore because when I thought the associate just needed to be retrained she called the manager over and she said the same thing??? go figure I really doubt anything has changed.

  13. Crystal P says

    I work at Wal-Mart as a cashier. Don’t be surprised if you go through the checkout saying this is this much at the other store and they ask for an ad. They tell us do not ad match with out an ad. So make sure you are prepared with one.

    • Jenn @ Frugal Upstate says

      Crystal-The policy from Bentonville is that the customer does not need to bring the ad.

  14. Deanna says

    The associates at my walmart will NOT ad match without the competing ad. It’s good to know this is not policy, because I hate carrying around 4 different ads and searching through them at checkout. Thank you! I will be sure to mention this next time they tell me they can’t match it without the proof of an ad.

  15. Theresa Nelson says

    I tried to ad match from a Walgreens ad that said buy one Cover Girl makeup and get one 50% off and they wouldn’t do it. I brought the ad and showed them. So is Walmart going to start honouring that since it say specifically?

    • Jenn @ Frugal Upstate says

      Theresa-according to the policy they should! If your cashier won’t, I’d ask to see the manager.

  16. Annette says

    Hi Walmart, I am glad to hear that you are bringing back produces. I am disabled and I am unable to walk around for along time. I love the fact that you have the motor carts and that you price match. Alot of the stores in my area don’t have the motor carts. So I am able to make my plan, have my list ready, and do a one stop shop, I can spend hours in Walmart and not have to worry about getting tired, or in pain. Happy to see items coming back!!!!

  17. Dan says

    I love that Walmart is willing to match a competitor’s price but I have almost totally stopped shopping at Super Walmart for groceries because they do not even come close to Price Rite’s prices. I realize I can bring in a flier & price match but the time/hassle of doing that for every item is not worth it to me. I have a very difficult time finding better pricing at Walmart on the same items that Price Rite carries. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but the only advantage I have grocery shopping at Walmart is their Deli/bakery that Price Rite doesn’t offer. Other than that, I save 20-30% over Walmart’s prices. Yes, I do have to bag my own groceries, but the time to do that is just a couple of minutes. Far less time than price matching. It’s really too bad, as I have to drive right past Super Walmart another 15 minutes further to shop at Price Rite. I simply shop for a longer period of time so that I make less trips & save the most money for my family.

  18. F H Malone says

    At one time Wal-mart would not match any competitor’s ad if you had to have a card to get the savings (Food Lion, Lowes Food, CVS). Is this still true?

  19. genine cook says

    Is this something new as far as the buy one get one free policy? My Walmart says they cannot do BOGO on price matching!

  20. celia Macleod says

    I sometimes go in there for a special item and it is not there. Also will you please bring in flat leave parsly all you have is the curly one. Alot of recipies say flat leave parsly. Thank you very much.

    • Jenn @ Frugal Upstate says

      Celian-just as a note-you can always substitute curly leaf parsley for the flat leaf in a recipe. .

  21. D McCauley says

    I will have to start using the price match system…Now if only I could remember to look in the other store’s add first and bring it with me I migh be able to remember to bring our cloth grocery bags with us!!! Walmart woudl be so much nicer with more and more and more junk from Chins..

    • Jenn @ Frugal Upstate says

      D-the national policy is that you don’t have to remember the actual ad. Have you had an issue with your store not doing the match unless you actually have the ad?

  22. Marc Lalama says

    You have to remember thats the ” Everyday price” not the sale price…. There are chains that have different reward cards, bonus buys, etc…etc..Its the price thats above that rewards tag.

  23. D. Nicol says

    Walmart is good for some savings.. But the store not offering double coupons.. Doesnt help them. If they did this.. They would most certainly lead most supermarkets.. Lots of people still stop other chains because of that, maybe if this was changed.. They would be even bigger and be able to offer more jobs..

  24. Barb says

    Shop for a few items at Super WalMart and used to shop for everything there. Have noticed that many products that used to be staples there are no longer there. I also have celiac disease and cannot have gluten. Well WalMart and gluten free are not compatible so I have to go to other grocery stores. Really a pain.

  25. Sabra B. says

    I have an issue with my supercenter, I know they do the ad match, my issue is that the lower price is always brand specific as in milk is cheaper at CVS but it’s the brand they carry not the kind at walmart. So no price match. Store brands are always cheaper and walmart won’t match their store brand to others store brand. This is why I’ve all but stopped shopping at supercenters. I would rather dive the hour to kroger and brookshires purchase their store brands for less.

  26. Cynthia Duchenois says

    Hope you are bringing back Oscar Meyer Liverwurst…HATE the other brands you have, so I go to Kroger for the Oscar Meyer brand, and will continue to do so until you bring it back. Also, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make your stores cooler! I have spoken with the manager at my Walmart so many times about this problem, and he says the temp is set for all stores in Arkansas. Well, once again, Kroger wins out, and I may eventually do ALL my shopping there, so I don’t have to sweat to death in my Walmart!

  27. Mary Murphy says

    When are you going to bring materials and crafts back. I live 7 miles from a super walmart and have to drive 30 miles to purchase material at a fabric store.

    • Jenn @ Frugal Upstate says

      Mary-Honestly, the Walmart Moms were quite vocal on the removal of the craft sections from so many stores-many of us are crafters. The latest skinny I have heard is that craft sections are going to be returning to many stores. Don’t know if all the stores will. . . but there is a shot that yours will!

  28. says

    Please, please, come put KMart out of business and put a store in Marathon, FL. I will help you achieve this. Just let me know when and where!

  29. Frank N. Furter says


    I work at a Walmart Supercenter in the photo lab. You’re absolutely right about non-matching brands being outside policy- but what you didn’t post about is the fact that cashiers and CSMs (Customer Service Managers) have a great deal of discretion in matching prices. Although we won’t usually match one brand name to another, we often WILL match a competitors store brand price against our own of an equivalent product (for example, their 16oz bag of brown sugar against our Great Value 16oz bag of brown sugar).

    • Jenn @ Frugal Upstate says

      Frank (although I have a feeling that’s a pseudonym!)-thanks for sharing that info! I didn’t know that the manager had the discretion to match store brand to Great Value.

  30. says

    As a woman and founder of a business. I realize that any way we can save money is increasingly important. I love the new changes and the idea that I can now get all my shopping done in one place. Yay Walmart. Im going to head right down for some more business supplies..
    Thank you

  31. Shannon Butterfield says

    I Love Walmart, and always have thought they were a “Great Bargain Store” since I was a little girl and they built one in the city I grew up in. And know that I live in a Bigger City, and am married with kids, Pricing is a Necessity, and you don’t know How Wonderful it is to just look at all the ads and be able to just go to ONE store and get All the sales we need! Thank*You, Thank*You, & Thank*You Walmart for ALL you do to be a Wonderful store, that can have All you need in just One Store! It Sooo seems like a fairy tell, but you make it possible!!! Thanx Shanny*Bugz B.

  32. jlynn says

    I find it really weired that you all make it sound that easy because its not…when were at the register and want to ad match EVERY time the cashier looks at us like were lieing and makes us feel very uncomfortable and so to me the hasle isnt worth it! Walmart has ABSOLUTLY NO sense os customer service! I would rather pay more at another store and get treated kindly!:):(

  33. Amber says

    I am a cashier at walmart…the easiest way to remember how to ad match (the way we were trained) we will match name brand to same name brand, size to size…what ever the ad is stating in the competitors ad is how we are supposed to match size weight ect.. Also it is true we are starting to ask customers to bring their ads because a few not all are mistakingly giving us wrong prices on sales and wrong size and weight..The other companies are pushing us to match what is on their ad if we are to provide this service. We as cashiers have to follow the policies. Sorry for the frustrations.

  34. says

    Walmart won’t price match their Ground Beef as it is prepackaged and has more than a lb. in them. so the girl told me they don’t price match it…..Very disappointed it that aspect.

  35. karen flory says

    I was told at my Walmart that they would not take a coupon that gave you a free item, so I have a buy one get one free dog treat coupon that I cannot use at Walmart. They should post information like that.

  36. Jim Smith says

    Thanks for the info. They haven’t trained the ones at my Wal-Mart well enough to figure out the little more complex ones. I’ll show them this next itme they balk.

  37. says

    I like walmart ..But the one in Enid , Oklahoma
    Suck..And thats being nice.
    I will go to the one in kingfisher befor i go to the one in Enid.

  38. Judy K says

    I have been couponer pretty much all my adult life, more so in the last few years but have always used coupons and done rebates. Very frustrating when stores- Walmart- doesn’t seem to know their own policy and then have supervisors or what ever their title is act like you are trying to steal. Not all the stores but the
    Walmart in Cicero New York seems to have the corner on hiring some-shall we say less than pleasant associates to try to intimidate you.

  39. Amy says

    I still don’t understand how competitor’s prices are matched at the registers. If you don’t need a copy of the ad and you can checkout at a normal register, then how will the cashier be able to verify the competitor’s ad price? Won’t this prolong checking out also? Please explain.

  40. Dee Parham says

    i like that walmart price matches and takes competitors coupons but they dont always carry the right size (such as 20pk coke or dr pepper) and they dont have a double coupon day or store saver card like the other stores do.

  41. Dee Parham says

    and my store makes u bring the ads too, so its kind of inconvient to have to bring the entire paper and point out the pricematches to the cashier. Also the cashiers most of the time have no idea what the policy is on coupons and that they do accept coupons for other stores!!

  42. Tammy Courts says

    I hit my local Walmart at the right time yesterday — they were putting racks of $1.oo clearenced items out! I got $391.67 worth of clothes for — $34.98!!!!! YESSS!!! Loved it!!!

  43. Julie M says

    I hope they bring Rolaids back! Can you believe no Rolaids for I don’t know how long! Tums just isn’t the same. I thought I was going crazy, looking for them, then just finally wondered if Rolaids went out of business.

  44. Ronda Scheerer says

    I saw tons of those little “It’s Back” tags at my local supercenter today! If I hadn’t been in such a hurry, I would have inspected the entire store to see all of the “new” products!

  45. Stacy says

    I absolutely love that Walmart does this. I save so much money. I compare 15 different stores, right my list of all the stuff I want and also find a coupon to go with it, so it’s even cheaper . Everything I buy is almost always less than 1.00 …and sometimes free Thats meats, vegetables and fruits , detergents and other houshold stuff …not just processed food ….If Walmart changes this ad match policy I would be soooo disappointed and not sure if I would ever go back .. I would just have to travel to all the 15 stores to get those cheaper prices , yes gas is to expensive to do that but that’s why i have a cng car , round trip for me would be $10.00 , which is awesome And would still be worth it. but with that many stores it would take a whole day , I don’t have a whole day free for shopping , but if I have to do it. I will …..

  46. kgr says

    you have lots of check out isles but only about half open , why not put them to use hire enough people to check . will give the economy a boost people making money ,that way they will spend money putting back into cash flow taking people off unemployment , means more money back into states , opening up ore and not making people wait in lines for nearly 20 min will bring more people b ack as people dont like to wait like that you have to spend to make money , i have several ideas that would help you but , its us little people who know what brings us to walmart i usually shop other places now as have to stand in line so long

    • Jenn @ Frugal Upstate says

      kgr-I will pass on your comment, but remember, I’m just a regular consumer & blogger who has a relationship with Walmart-I am not an employee and I do not have control over internal policy :)

  47. donna says

    as a cashier, i just want to remind you that the ad matched item has to be the same-ie: current valid ad, same brand, size, color etc. unless it is a generic brand and we will do our generic brands. As both a customer and cashier I like doing it but I do have people take advatage of the program by getting bigger sizes or using expired ads.

  48. says

    My solution to the whole coupon dilemma thing: a Plus membership at Sam’s Club. I can shop as early as 7 am, before the store opens to regular members at 10, plus I get eValues that make up the difference in cost between the two memberships. I still buy a few things (that I don’t need in bulk or Sam’s doesn’t carry) at other stores (Wal-Mart or Publix), but Sam’s works very well for this mom of two sets of twins (the double-seat carts help, too).

  49. Punkin says

    I don’t think of Wal-Mart to be one stop shopping. I refuse to buy meat there. I bought their hamburger once and it was full of gristle and bone chips. It was completely inedible. I also hate their produce section. It always looks half rotted and there are gnats everywhere. I go to Wal-Mart for everything except fresh foods.


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