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At the end of a long day Yankee Bill and I like to spend a little time together on the sofa unwinding with a glass of wine and watching a little TV.

But does it ever seem to you like there is NOTHING worth watching? Honestly, with all the channels we have you would think that any time of day or night you switched on the tube that you’d find something worth watching. That’s just not the case! For all those channels there just seems to be JUNK on all the time-even at prime time.

And add to that the fact that a “season” now seems to be about 8 episodes and the few things we actually enjoy watching seem to over before you know it. Remember when a season was something like 22, then you only had a few months in the summer with re-runs and then it was right back on in the fall? Ahhh, the old days…

So like many families, we have turned to streaming online videos to take up the slack. Honestly, I think we could probably cancel cable all together and barely notice!  We use Netflix for most of our streaming video-for $7.99 a month we get unlimited streaming and we watch it on our TV via our Wii console.

The thing I love about Netflix is they not only have movies but they have current TV shows (usually up to the last season-so if season 6 is actually showing on TV they probably have up to season 5).   They even have a lot of old TV shows and movies that you know and love.  Things like Leave it to Beaver, Cheers, The Andy Griffith Show, Family Ties, Quincy ME, Murder she wrote and much more!

I thought it would be fun to give you all a list of the shows that we enjoy watching when there is “nothing to watch” on tv.

Here’s what Yankee Bill and I have enjoyed watching together:

The Rockford Files (121 episodes)
Quantum Leap (76 episodes)
The original Hawaii 5-0 (279 episodes)
Magnum PI (162 episodes)
Star Trek (80 episodes)
Star Trek Enterprise (97 episodes)
Star Trek The Next Generation (177 episodes)
Jericho (29 episodes)
Columbo (32 episodes)

Things that I’ve enjoyed watching that just aren’t Yankee Bill’s Style:
Dr Who (83 episodes-plus some of the old ones listed separately)
Torchwood (31 episodes)
Eureka (63 episodes)
X Files (202 episodes)
Poirot (10 episodes)
Sherlock (3 episodes-but totally worth it!)
Warehouse 13 (31 episodes)

Things that the kids have enjoyed watching:
Avatar-The Last Air Bender (54 episodes-and I watched it with them! Good series)
Phineas & Ferb (90 episodes)
Danny Phantom (49 episodes)
Eerie Indiana (19 episodes)
The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones (21 episodes)

If you don’t have Netflix, don’t worry! There are lots of other ways to find good things to watch for very little money.

1.  Use your library.  These days most libraries have a large selection of videos and DVDs.  Not only that, but you aren’t limited to just YOUR library.  They are typically set up in systems with inter-library loan programs.  Here locally I can request any book or video from all the libraries in 3 counties!  That’s a lot of options video wise.

2.  Use Hulu.com.  This service seems to concentrate more on current TV shows-you can usually get an episode about a week after it airs on tv.  Unless you buy the premier service only the most recent episodes are typically available.  The do have some older series, clips, and full length movies as well.

3.  Use the show’s website.  Many tv shows are available as full episodes on their website.  I usually just Google “full episode” and the name of the show and see what I can find.

Do you watch streaming video?  What is your favorite way to watch your shows, and what shows do you enjoy the most?

Note: a tip for using Netflix with your kids-have them use the “kids” section or else have a good talk with them about appropriate shows.  There is a lot of anime out there (Japanese style cartoons) that are NOT child friendly, even though they are “cartoons”. 

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  1. says

    I just started watching Doctor Who, and it’s great! I love using Netflix to catch up on TV series. The two BIG ones I would recommend are Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Two of the best shows on TV.

    Also, if you are looking for movies, this website just popped up to help find top rated ones. http://abetterqueue.com/

  2. says

    I got rid of cable a while ago and have just relied on Netflix and some network web sites to keep up with most of my favourites.

    Netflix Canada is also 7.99 for streaming but we have a different selection of programs with a heavy dose of Canadian and UK content. I’ve watched several series I hadn’t when they were originally on (including Twin Peaks and X-Files) but mostly watch feature films (went on a super hero binge this weekend watching Thor, Captain America, Iron Man 2 and X-Men: First Class) and documentaries (Being Elmo, Food, Inc., Fathead, etc.). Discovered Sherlock (loved it!) but the only Dr Who are the really old ones, not the current series so far.

    Anyhoo – love Netflix :)

  3. Catherine says

    Love netflix! We have some very similar interests, but here are a few things I’ve watched/am watching that you didn’t already cover:

    – Twin Peaks
    – Cheers
    – Frasier
    – Drop Dead Diva
    – Hot in Cleveland (and a few other TVLand shows)
    – Family Ties
    – The Wonder Years

  4. says

    You need to Watch Star Trek DS9! I’m currently watching Enterprise as the last of my quest to watch all of Star Trek and DS9 was hands down my favorite.

    We have netflix, and we also stream Hulu Plus through our PS3, and with the two of them I don’t miss cable at all! Hulu takes over where netflix leaves off for a lot of shows.

  5. Barbara Werner says

    So thrilled to see you listed and watch Doctor Who! I can’t get anyone else in my house interested. I used to think you “had” to be English to like it, but thanks to BBC America I do know that’s not the case. Regardless, I’ve been watching since I was a little girl and Jon Pertwee was the Doctor. My brother was three when it began, and my mum always used to tell us how he hid behind the sofa from the Daleks!

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