Quick Tip: Cooking Radishes

Radishes are one of those vegetables that everyone seems to plant. . . and yet when you ask if they actually LIKE radishes, well, many do not.  I think they are planted simply for the satisfaction of watching something that grows so quickly and lushly.  It makes any gardener feel accomplished (unless you get the dreaded radish maggot–but that’s another story)

Personally I enjoy a couple of radishes  in a salad, sliced and layered on a slice of hard crusty bread with some real butter, or popped in the middle of a sandwich for a bit of crunch and bite.  Even doing those — a full row of radishes can be hard to use up.  So here is another idea for using some of your radish crop.

Cook them.


That’s right, you can slice and saute radishes.  Cooking takes out all of the spicy “bite” and leaves them as a  mild vegetable. I like to cook them up in a stirfry.

I will even chop up the greens and toss those in as well (although they are a tougher green–more like a turnip green then a spinach).

Would I RAVE about cooked radishes?  Would I plant extra rows so that I’d have plenty to use this way? Would I pick up radishes at the store just to cook them this way?


They are acceptable and palatable, not fabulous.  But you know what?  Sometimes acceptable is, well, acceptable.  It is fresh, organic and filling. I’ve spent the time growing it, and it’s available before most of the rest of the garden has hit it’s production stride.  So why not?  Why waste it?

I’ve also heard that some folks have braised or roasted them–I’ll have to try that as well!  Actually maybe I WILL go plant a few more radishes. . .

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  1. Angelsong says

    Hmm. I’ve only ever had radishes raw. Definitely going to have to try them sauteed. And, I have been using real butter for a few years, after I read some really scary things about margarine. You have given me some “food for thought” today!


  2. Amyrlin says

    I have only eaten them raw in salads, in a veggie tray, or as a companion to a carne aside taco (something about sliced raw radishes with a squeeze of lime in the taco!) I buy the smallest ones I can find because they tend to be milder, less woody in texture. But I may try them in stirfry…. possible ideas for a garden.

  3. says

    I like cooking radishes. When I was a member of a CSA, we got watermelon radishes. I sauteed the radishes with some onion, garlic, and herbs and used it as an accompaniment for grilled fish. It made the radishes mild but they still had a nice flavor and added a visual punch to the dish.

  4. says

    Four words:

    Chinese Beef with Radishes.


    I’m not a radish fan, but I like the greens, and I’d buy radishes just to make beef with radishes. When you can get a bunch at the store for 50 cents, its worth it to make a really good Chinese style dish AND have the greens for another meal.

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