Make Homemade Cards for Almost Nothing.

Way back in April when I did my “Week of Princess’s Birthday” I posted a tutorial for making your own cards in Microsoft Word. Last week at “The Homespun Heart” I ran across a “Works for Me Wednesday” post about making your own cards from cardstock and magazines.

The idea is cute and simple, and Monica does a lovely tutorial with very nice pictures. Plus her process is much more “low tech” and crafty than using word. The link is to the first step-she posted the other 3 steps as separate posts. They can be accessed from the first step by clicking on the links in the left hand column under “Recent Posts”.

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  1. Mom2fur says

    I saw this tip and I love it. There are so many really pretty pictures out there that it seems a shame to let them go to waste. And with the prices of some cards today (for a piece of cardboard, in truth), it makes sense to do your own!

  2. Anonymous says

    I would make sure that the picture was thicker than magazine paper as they may wrinkle when glued to the card stock. Old photographs would work as well. The goal is not to have something look home made. You want it hand crafted.

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