Planning a Spa Birthday Party on a Budget

by Jenn @ Frugal Upstate on March 31, 2010

Birthday Candle Number Nine

Photo by Hint of Plum

This year Princess is turning 9. For many years we had princess themed parties-there is just something about little girls and princesses! I even made a Barbie Cake without an expensive mold!

Then she decided that she was just too old for that, but that Hannah Montana was THE thing. So we hosted a Hannah Montana Rock Star birthday party.

Last year Hannah ‘s music was cool, but we weren’t all about the star anymore, so we went with an Arts & Crafts themed party.

This year she wasn’t really sure what she wanted. At 9 she is a curious mix of child and pre teen. Yes-I know she is several years away from her teen years (thank goodness). . . but she doesn’t seem to know that. She loves clothes and makeup, as well as her stuffed animals and toys. She’s a little girl who wants to be grown up~even though we talk frequently about the fun of enjoying the age you are at and not wishing it away.

After a bit of browsing around on the internet (a favorite pastime as I am sure you can imagine) I suggested to Princess that we have a “Spa Birthday Party”. She thought it was a fun idea!

Our plan is to invite over 8 or 9 friends and have a couple of hours of spa-like fun. We’ll do their fingernails with polish & little nail jewels purchased at the dollar store, braid their hair, maybe have them put on a facial mask and cucumber slices for fun. There will be music, and cake, a themed craft (maybe make bath salts to take home?) and of course a goody bag.

I know that I am going to knit each girl a little headband to keep their hair out of their face during any spa activities-I’ve got 4 or 5 skiens of great baby blue fluffy“polar fleece” yarn that I purchased for a buck a piece several years back that will be great for that.

I have a girlfriend who sells Mary Kay who volunteered to come over and use some samples with the girls.  If we are really lucky her Aunt, who is a professional Massage Therapist, will give each of the girls a quick massage. I plan on hiring a few teens to help with the hair and nails at my typical babysitting rates.

The details are a little fuzzy right now, but will be solidifying over the next few weeks.

I know all of you are creative-so what ideas do you have for a great “Spa party” aimed at the 8-10yr old crowd? I could use ideas for invitations, cakes, inexpensive decorations, games and goody bag items.

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