Free Printable Planners

Deb over at Homespun Living (lots of inspiration there!) reminded me today about the neat free planner site, DIY Planner. She made a very lovely planner using an old book-how frugal (and pretty) is that?

I particularly like the idea of the “Hipster PDA”-basically tons of forms you can print out 4 to a page, index card size, and then keep together with an alligator clip. I carried a large planner from the time I was in highschool until I left the Army (don’t ask how long THAT was), but once I started staying home I found it was too bulky to carry around all the time. I’ve tried different methods for keeping the family/personal schedule together, but still haven’t found something I’m totally satisfied with. . . .ah, another thing to work on in the new year!

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