Reader’s Question: Fragrance for Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent

Dear Frugal Upstate,

Do you have a homemade liquid laundry soap recipe with scents? I was buying some from a person who was making this.  She had many  different scents.  That lady is now pregnant and can’t make the soap until her baby is born so I need to make my own.  I haven’t been able to find a recipe that has what they use to make it smell like cherry or any other scent.



Interesting question!  I don’t have a recipe since I only make the powdered.  Personally I think the liquid sounds like it would be a bit more time consuming and messier to make.  It also takes up a lot more room.

I would hazard a guess that your lady probably used scented fragrance oils or essential oils to make the laundry detergent smell pretty–the kind folks buy specifically for soapmaking.  DO NOT use the scents you find in the typical big box store that is for scenting potpourri, use in oil warmers or those reed diffusers.  Those could have ingredients that will damage your fabric, stain or irritate your skin.  If a product is listed by a trusted supplier as suitable for soapmaking then it should not irritate the average person’s skin.  You would still need to be careful to make sure it isn’t going to stain anything.  A reputable company should be able to answer specific questions and make recommendations.

You can just do a web search for “fragrance oil soapmaking”.  One company I’ve seen come up over and over again in my soapmaking research (although I’ve never purchased from them) is Brambleberry.

Does anyone have any personal experiences or advice for scenting liquid laundry detergent?

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