16 Recipes for Leftover Turkey

Photo by Elton Lin

Photo by Elton Lin

You’ve got leftover turkey from Thanksgiving*? Never fear, I did a little research on my favorite recipe site (RecipeZaar) and here are 16 ways to use up your leftover turkey!  The first 8 recipes are the old standby classics, the last 8 are some unusual recipes you may not have considered before.

The Classics

1. Hot Turkey Sandwiches
2. Turkey Noodle Soup
3. Turkey and Biscuits
4. Turkey Rice Casserole
5. Turkey Salad Sandwich
6. Turkey Pot Pie
7. Turkey Hash
8. Turkey Divan

New and Unusual

9.  Turkey Curry
10.Turkey Enchiladas
11. Turkey Tetrazzini
12.  Mexican Turkey Lasagna
13.  Hot and Sour Turkey Soup
14.  Turkey Creole
15.  Turkey & Pasta with Peanut Sauce
16.  Turkey Marsala (using leftovers)

*Note: Of course, these recipes could be made with leftover chicken or turkey at any time! As a matter of fact, you could even substitute pork (not ham!) in many of them if you like.

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  1. says

    Great post, Jenn. I linked to it on my Leftovers post. Not sure I’ll be brave enough to try #14 (Creole) but I’m definitely going to try #3 (the turkey and biscuits). Here’s to leftovers!

  2. Cathy says

    Sounds good! Another that is a family favorite of ours is to make Croquettes with the leftovers, but I never see that mentioned anywhere. They are SO good!

  3. says

    Hey, we’ve made two of these already! Last night was Turkey Tetrazzini (on biscuits, not pasta) and tonight was Turkey Enchiladas.

    One of our favorites is a called “Turkey Carcass Soup.” Basically, that’s boiling up the carcass to make broth and then making Vegetable Soup using the turkey broth. Tasty and memorable.

  4. says

    I LOVE Turkey Enchiladas!!!!
    I make mine a little different than the recipe you pointed to but anyway you make them Turkey Enchiladas are my favorite post thanksgiving dish!

  5. Mary Sydow says

    We had smoked turkey and their were no leftovers. Maybe we will get a larger smoked turkey next year, we would love leftovers of that.


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