Cooking Whole Trout on the Grill

We get some lovely fish (frequently trout)  from my brother in law.   Since the weather was heating up I decided to try cooking some of it on the grill instead of in the oven as I usually do.

I had never grilled trout before, so I hit the internet to see what I could find out.  Some folks cook their trout on cedar planks.  Some folks oil the fish and put it directly on the grill.  I decided to base my technique on a recipe from What’s Cooking America where they wrapped a fish well in aluminum foil and then grilled it.

Start out by preheating the grill (closed) on high for about 10 min, then turning it down to about 1/4 power.

To prepare the fish I rinsed it well, inside and out, then placed lemon slices and lemon thyme sprigs inside.  Next I drizzled the skin with olive oil, and wrapped the entire fish well in foil. The original recipe called for salt and pepper as well, but I forgot to do that.

I put foil wrapped fish on the grill.  I didn’t want to peel the foil back and check the done-ness of the fish, so I used my Digital Instant Read Pocket Thermometer.  I thought I remembered reading that the fish should get to an internal temp of 180 so that was the temperature I was looking for.  I checked in 20 min, seemed to need more, at 30 min was up to 180.

It turns out according to my research it would have been good with internal temp of about 140–so I overcooked it.  The amazing this was that this didn’t dry out the meat.  Being sealed completely in the foil kept it moist anyway, despite my over cooking.  When  I peeled open the foil, the fish was sitting in some broth–but that absorbed back in as I peeled off the skin (soft) and removed the meat.  The meat was indeed cooked all the way through, tasty and tender.

This was a great way to cook fish.  I didn’t stink up the house, it came out tasty and perfect, and I just threw out the foil–no baking dish to scrub!


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